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How does Testosterone affect male sexual activity?

Yes, the fact that male strength is no longer the same is confirmed not only by women, but also by sexologists. They note in many cases a decrease in libido and sexual activity, increased fatigue, and the reasons for these phenomena are called insufficient testosterone levels, environmental background and much more. Among these reasons is the decrease in physical activity, which in recent weeks, for well-known reasons, is almost zero. And such a regime, oddly enough, hits the sexual activity even more.

The words “testosterone” and “strength” are inextricably linked in our perception, and this tandem is associated mainly with the stronger sex.

Testosterone is the main male hormone. The adrenal glands and sex glands in boys begin to produce it even during intrauterine development, and due to the fact that testosterone levels increase by adolescence, puberty occurs in boys.

And in the future, a lot really depends on the level of this hormone in a man’s life. True, men, considering the sexual side to be the most important part of life, often associate this hormone only with her.

In fact, testosterone plays an important role not only in the production of sperm and maintaining “male strength”, but also affects the development of bone and muscle tissue. Testosterone levels can even control a man’s mood and behavior. Physical strength in general, as well as endurance, the ability to set goals and achieve them are also its derivatives.

As a rule, men with normal testosterone levels do not suffer from depression, they have acceptable blood sugar levels, strong hearts, strong bones, strong muscles. And of course there are no libido problems.

The affairs of such a man argue on all fronts. Tightened up, well-groomed, charismatic, smiling, courteous – perhaps it’s not a shame to get from such a boss and scold for the cause. And he is also collected, reasoning sensibly, intelligently formulating and always responsible. And how much he manages! And swim, and run, and bring children from evening classes, and never be late for work.

You say, there is no such thing? It happens – these are those who know what a healthy lifestyle is, who monitor their health and, above all, its male component.

If a man’s mood becomes increasingly unstable, he does not show activity, if there is increased sweating, excess fat deposits appear, if the mammary glands increase and libido decreases, he needs to check the testosterone level.

And now, when, with self-isolation, many have a lot of time, you can start taking care of yourself, especially since today you can do it at home – special tests have been developed, answering the questions of which, a man can quite adequately assess his condition.

In general, testosterone levels begin to decline in men after age 50. However, the current environmental situation, numerous stresses, bad habits, disruption of the natural regime of the day, including a lack of healthy sleep and nutrition, as well as sports activities – all this can reduce testosterone levels in much younger men.

And just now, men can afford a full life – sleep for 8 hours, eat and eat healthy foods on time, exercise in a ventilated room, get positive emotions, quit smoking and alcohol, and, if necessary, on the recommendation of a doctor, start proper medication.

The thesis that if testosterone falls, then it is forever, is a myth. Those who experienced, for example, severe stress, were convinced from their own experience: when there was a burden in the soul, they did not want anything, including sex, but as soon as the “clouds parted”, sexual desire and male strength recovered. At the same time, if a person takes appropriate medications during stress, then its effect on the body is significantly reduced, and recovery is much faster.


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