Sexual life of a man

How many times a week should a man have sex?

Sexual excesses are characteristic of the period of the so-called youthful hypersexuality. However, as a rule, sexual excesses at this age take a relatively short period of time.

In some cases, even very frequent sexual intercourse may not affect the erection and copulation ability of the “sexually anxious” young man. Moreover, in the seminal fluid after repeated sexual intercourse there may no longer be sperm, and sperm is a product of the activity of the prostate gland, cooper and other glands.

But this does not mean at all that if a young man has been living sexually intensively for some time, then sometime in the future he will certainly have impotence, since he has already squandered his “reserves”.

Seed liquid is not a tank with a tap, from which a certain amount of sperm for each sexual intercourse is “poured”, and the more they are, the lower the level in the “tank”. Semen is constantly reproduced by the sex glands. If sperm is removed, a new portion is produced.

Even if a young man in love intensely loved his girlfriend 3-4 times a night, then after 2-3 days (if he rests, of course), sperm cells will reappear in his sperm. But if a young man continues his sexual activity in the same rhythm daily, then the spermatozoa do not have time to mature – they need several days to do this – and his sperm will have immature sperm. But if conception is not supposed, then to a young man it can be completely indifferent. Sperm will be more fluid and more transparent, but is this really happiness! Sperm fluid and its color will not affect his sexual abilities.

If the young man is all right with potency and excitability, he can continue in the same rhythm until his partner asks for mercy.

But for modern youths, such periods of intense sexual life are usually relatively short – when a young couple finally gets the opportunity to be alone, without parental supervision or has the opportunity to live sexually “legally”, for example, during their honeymoon.

An intense sex life certainly depletes, but rather, mentally, not physiologically. Physiologically, a man loses only a few grams of seminal fluid, a little protein and some other useful substances. The loss of such an amount of protein does not cause significant damage to a young body.

But mentally a young man can be exhausted. Firstly, swings of a high level of excitement and relaxation deplete the nervous system. Secondly, if a young man continuously makes love at night, and does not fall asleep after the first sexual intercourse, as all other people do, and even more so if he does not sleep for several nights in a row, then he naturally does not get enough sleep and even more exhausts his nervous system.

But this is more and more from the field of theory. In practice, healthy young people, “breaking into the body” and having the opportunity to make love in unlimited quantities, feel great and very proud of their “gigantic” sexual abilities. And they can sleep well during the day.

I had to observe students who led such a “night” way of life – at night in the student dormitory they had a lot of fun, and during the day they “pecked their nose” at lectures. And they were not exhausted at all, they were vigorous and cheerful. If the lecturer did not notice that the student was sleeping at a lecture, then he had the opportunity to sleep. And the next night everything repeated. Only the examination session somewhat violated such a familiar rhythm, as it was necessary to study, not love. But then after the session, young people again made up for lost time. And none of them became impotent, they are all married, have children, and sexually they are fine.

And the newlyweds, who walked a few months after the wedding, swaying from “lack of sleep” and weakness, but glowing with happiness, I had to observe, and probably you too. Over time, their sex life enters into the usual rhythm, a certain frequency of sexual intercourse per week is established, which suits both spouses, and in the future there may not be any sexual disorders in the husband.

But all that has been said is peculiar to physically and mentally healthy young people. An intense sex life may not affect their health. In addition, it does not happen that a man, to a very old age, performs several sexual acts daily.

Usually, after a period of youthful hypersexuality, a man enters the conditionally physiological rhythm of sex life, which is individual for each person.

In addition, the intensity of a man’s sexual life depends not only on his own sexual abilities, but also on the desire of a partner. In adolescence, when they are not yet married, the girl can yield to her overly loving partner, and when they get married, then he must balance his desires with the wishes of his wife. And the woman before the wedding and the woman after the wedding are two different women. So, willy-nilly, a man will have to moderate his sexual appetites if they run counter to his wife’s desires.

Yes, and the man himself with age decreases sexual desire in general and to this woman in particular.

And if the frail young man languishes from intense sex, he’s shaking his wind, then this rhythm of sexual life is clearly not good for him. Do not forget the wise French proverb: “Everything that is a lot is bad, except money.”

The scientific literature describes men who, from their youth and up to 50–60 years old, were able to perform several sexual intercourse daily, but I personally did not have to meet them. Perhaps, somewhere in the mountains, away from the stresses of urban life, such “sex giants” still exist in the silence of the vineyards, but not among urban men.

And for many married men and 3-4 times of sexual intercourse per week – too much. Now, if with different women – then yes, but with a wife it happens that not every week. Moreover, a man can say to his buddies that he satisfies his wife every day, or even more than once, and he also has a mistress, and with her, too, sexual intercourse almost daily, and a neighbor also sometimes runs a minute, – in general, as in famous joke. Friends pretend that they believe, and themselves do not remain in debt, talking about their outstanding sexual abilities, but everyone knows what such statements are worth. Once upon a youth, in the first month after the wedding, maybe it was daily, but now there are only sweet memories.

On the whole, it can be said that if frequent sexual intercourse does not affect a man’s health, if he is cheerful, energetic, and cheerful with an intense rhythm of sexual life, then this is all physiological, sexual excesses are not discussed. If at the same time the wife is just as cheerful, cheerful, and happy with everything, then all the more wonderful.

But intense sex life is not contraindicated only for young and healthy people. But for men of mature age, the above does not apply.

It happens that a man “over forty” or even “over fifty” marries a young woman. He is encouraged, glances at those around him, it seems to him that he is younger, and he decides to “remember his youth” and show his young wife what “peppy” he is and tries to prove it in bed. Perhaps if he is very attracted to his spouse, he will not have problems with potency. But he does not want to remember that he has hypertension, angina pectoris and shortness of breath. If, along with this, in recent years his physical activities consisted of leaving the house and getting into a car, and he didn’t lift anything heavier than a fountain pen, then intensive “exercises” in bed are unlikely to be beneficial for his health. And it is possible that such a “newlywed” will end up in a hospital bed with a hypertensive crisis or an attack of angina pectoris.

Sexual excesses on the nervous and cardiovascular systems are particularly negative and harmful.

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