Premature ejaculation

A man should not smoke – premature ejaculation

In experimental conditions on animals, it was found that during sexual arousal and at the very beginning of sexual intercourse, an increase in blood pressure and expansion of the vessels of the brain occur. And immediately after the termination of sexual intercourse, a significant drop in blood pressure and narrowing of blood vessels is observed.

In a man during intercourse, the pulse increases to 120-150 beats per minute. Blood circulation is increased, heart rate is increased, blood vessels of the heart are expanded. After intercourse, the pressure in all vessels decreases, the blood supply to the brain decreases, and high blood pressure quickly decreases.

Consequently, for a man aged having vascular diseases, such changes in blood pressure are very fraught. Cases of stroke and myocardial infarction as a result of sexual excesses are known. So each age has its own sexual “burden”.

For the occurrence of sexual dysfunctions in men, it is not the excessive frequency of sexual intercourse that is important, but the irregularity of sexual life, for example, with casual partners, from case to case, and long breaks in sexual life.

As already mentioned, with prolonged sexual abstinence, the activity of the sex glands is suppressed. Initially, after a sharp breakdown of previous, fairly regular sexual intercourse, a man develops strong sexual arousal. He constantly thinks about sex, remembers, fantasizes, and from these memories or when he sees a photograph of a naked beauty, he has an involuntary erection.

But if there is no one to realize sexual attraction, then the man has no choice but to “overcome the sting of the flesh” and, with clenched teeth, endure abstinence. If he is a man “without complexes,” he will find himself a suitable partner, at least for one night. And if he has problems with communication, and he does not know how to easily get to know each other and quickly incline a woman to intimacy, or if he has certain moral principles – “only go to bed after the registry office”, or if he does not want to sleep with anyone, then he has no choice but to abstain and wait for fate to smile at him and a suitable woman will fall in love with him.

And during the forced abstinence, the accumulated sperm no longer presses on the walls of the seminal vesicles and vas deferens. Accordingly, his sex drive is reduced. He is not so “wanting” as he was at first. Then the function of the gonads is suppressed.

And it may well happen that when a woman finally appears in his life, he will “want”, but “cannot”. And it may be so that even “at will.” Psychologically, he may be pleased to spend time with a woman, but attraction may be reduced. And potency too. He can enter into intimate relations with her, but here – alas! – his sex glands were not yet ready for such a quick transition from inactivity to active functioning, and a man for the first time in his life may be untenable. And this is a big blow for his pride and manhood. The consequences, as they say, are unpredictable.

If he is a strong person as a person and is not inclined to painful doubts and fears, and his partner will be friendly and understand with understanding his first failure with intimacy, then the next time he will be able to prove to her that he is well-off, because if he managed to ejaculate for the first time, the removal of sperm was a signal for the functioning of the sex glands.

But if his erection was so weak that he could not even have a short intercourse and ejaculate, then everything remains the same, the gonads have not yet received the desired signal, plus a sad memory of the previous failure. And next time everything can be repeated. And where two – there are three. This is how functional (psychological) impotence can form.

And if a man is also, by nature, indecisive, unsure of himself and doubting his abilities, then the first failure can be clearly fixed in his mind. And from here it is not far to persistent erectile dysfunction.

So the best prevention of sexual dysfunctions is regular sex life. Then the sex glands adapt (adapt) to a certain rhythm of functioning, constantly produce sex hormones and seminal fluid, and a man can not worry that his “reserves” will run out. Of course, provided that he maintains his physical and mental health. Everyone knows that dozens of diseases are negatively reflected in potency. So a man should not protect his seed, but his health.

In general, it can be said that orderly sexual life without frills and long breaks, erotic caresses, good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and the absence of “bad” habits, primarily drunkenness and smoking, contribute to the long-term preservation of potency.

“A man should not smoke!”, A well-known French biologist made this conclusion, finding that the semen of a non-smoking man contains prostaglandins that protect a woman from cancer.

Most doctors believe that nicotine negatively affects the sexual function of men. Based on an analysis of the treatment of smokers suffering from impotence, scientists found that when smoking is stopped, treatment of impotence is more successful – there is a cure or a significant improvement in sexual function.

Yakobzon writes that in 11% of cases, sexual dysfunction is associated with the fact that the man smokes a lot. Petit in experiments on animals found that when they mix tobacco with food or when they smoke, they have testicular atrophy and a sharp drop in sexual activity.

The fact that alcohol causes harm not only to health, budget and family relationships, cripples offspring, but, first of all, affects the sexual functions of men, everyone knows for sure. Alcohol causes degeneration of the tissues of the seminiferous tubules, atrophy of the testicles and prostate gland, inhibits the function of the entire endocrine system.

It is believed that by 55-60 years in men, potency is weakening. However, this is not strictly necessary for all men. There are men who lead a healthy lifestyle who remain potent even up to 65–75 years and later. Such men are about 15%.

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