Sexual life of a man

Congenital perversion of sex drive in men

Congenital perversion of sex drive is relatively rare. Usually a combination or successive change of sexual perversions is observed.

In the formation of sexual perversions, such factors as improper parenting in the family, lack of sex education, when parents do not explain in time to the child what is expected during puberty, and also corrupting the example of adults or peers themselves, child molestation by minors, the influence of pornography or literature, play a role erotic content. Now, the media is conducting hidden or explicit propaganda of perversions, where they show interviews with homosexuals, and they say that they are proud that they are gay. Mass publications for young people publish articles in which they write about perversions in such a way that this may interest teenagers and young men. All this can also negatively affect the aspect of increasing the number of young people who will begin to practice perverse methods of sexual satisfaction, although initially they do not suffer from perversion.

Many forms of psychopathy are accompanied by a violation and distortion of sexual desire, in particular, epileptoid, excitable, schizoid, hysterical, psychasthenic and unstable.

A patient with psychopathy may have various perversions, and forms of sexual satisfaction may vary. So with psychasthenic psychopathy, such perversions as frotterism, narcissism, and sometimes homosexuality can be observed. But this is not strictly necessary, perversions are not specific to any particular type of psychopathy, they arise in the dynamics of its various types. With different types of psychopathy, other types of perversions or their combination are possible.

Sexual perversions were previously considered as part of impaired drives during psychopathy. In cases where the predominant disorder was a perverted sexual desire, psychiatrists of the last century highlighted the so-called sexual psychopathies. But this name is inaccurate, since with perversions, changes in character and impaired adaptation of a person in society are selective and are associated mainly with his sexual behavior.

A prerequisite for the formation of perversions in psychopaths is their increased and very early developing sexual excitability, which, due to age, adolescents cannot naturally realize, therefore, perverse methods are used to satisfy it. In addition, most psychopathies are characterized by a disorder of many types of drives, in particular, sexual drives, as well as an inability to control their drives.

There are so-called symptomatic perversions, which are one of the manifestations of various serious mental illnesses. They can be associated with a period of exacerbation of the underlying mental illness, and in some cases they may weaken and even disappear after the end of the attack.

Perversions can be observed with mental retardation, schizophrenia, epilepsy, manic-depressive psychosis, organic damage to the central nervous system, with senile dementia and some other mental illnesses. The main mental illness leaves its mark on the types of sexual perversions.

With oligophrenia in the degree of moronity or imbecility, the option of sexual perversion is most often persistent, occurs in an isolated form and does not change – exhibitionism, or homosexuality, or masturbation (masturbation), or bestiality.

In severe mental disorders with intellectual (for example, senile dementia) and emotional defect (schizophrenia), such sexual perversions as necrophilia (sexual attraction to corpses) and incest (sexual attraction to close relatives) are possible.

A patient with perversion is not able to control his attraction, and his actions are not dependent on his will. In psycho-traumatic situations, the perverted sexual desire is enhanced.

There are times when a person himself is burdened by his unusual attraction, feels guilty and remorseful, may even decide to get rid of perverse ways of sexual satisfaction and for some time refrain from realizing his attraction in a perverse way. But more often than not, a person is unable to cope with him; in a certain situation, attraction arises with renewed vigor and is again realized in a perverse way, causing a person to have a deep sense of guilt.

The severity of sexual perversion varies throughout life. Most often they are most intense at a young age. In the period of maturity, in some cases, normal sexual contacts with the opposite sex can be observed. And in old age, sexual attraction can again intensify, and this, combined with sexual impotence, leads to sexual perversions – pedophilia (attraction to children), exhibitionism and others.

Sexual perversions include homosexuality, transsexualism, transvestism, fetish transvestism, fetishism, necrophilia, exhibitionism, pedophilia, incest, narcissism, sadism, masochism, voyeurism.

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