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Unstable erection: what to do with a problem

The problem of many modern men of different ages is an unstable erection. In medical practice, pathology is classified as erectile dysfunction, which refers to sexual disorders. This phenomenon often provokes the development of depressive states, stresses and family troubles, which only exacerbates the problem. To break out of a vicious circle, you need to understand what is the cause of unstable arousal in men.

What is an unstable erection?

Representatives of the stronger sex face sexual disorders, regardless of age and social status. A frequent sign of erectile dysfunction is an unstable erection, which in 70% of cases is due to psychological problems in a man. The remaining 30% of episodes of mild sexual arousal are triggered by physiological factors.

If an unstable erection in a man is a rare phenomenon, then you can identify and eliminate the cause of the pathological condition yourself. In the case of frequently occurring sexual disorders, you must seek the help of an andrologist, sexologist or urologist. Symptoms characteristic of unstable excitation, which should be noted:

  • inability to experience an erection without additional stimulation;
  • early ejaculation without an erect state of the penis;
  • loss of necessary hardness of the penis during sexual contact;
  • incomplete hardening of the penis during intercourse.

Why a poor erection

Instability of excitation occurs for various reasons. An important aspect in the formation of potency is the psychological component. There is even the medical term “expected failure syndrome.” If, due to life failures, a man has an insufficient erection one or several times, then in the future, with constant concentration on this issue, he develops the conviction of mandatory failure. Self-doubt activates the internal processes of disabling the reproductive function.

Unstable arousal also occurs due to poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs. As a result, the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis is weak and the organ does not harden. There are also some somatic diseases that provoke an unstable erection (diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and others). The main factors contributing to the development of this pathology:

  • psychological reasons (depression, stress, fears): organic factors (violation of the endocrine, vascular, nervous and other body systems);
  • arterial or venous insufficiency (interruptions in the outflow and blood flow);
  • injuries of the pelvic organs;
  • passive lifestyle;
  • congenital pathologies (curvature of the penis, specific structure of the penis);
  • BPH;
  • lack of testosterone;
  • chronic diseases;
  • excessive physical and / or emotional fatigue;
  • prolonged lack of sex;
  • taking antibiotics or hormonal drugs;
  • uncontrolled use of steroids to build muscle;
  • bad habits (regular intake of alcohol, smoking).

What to do with a bad erection

There are many medications that can positively affect a man’s sexual function. These are a variety of antipsychotics, hormones, antidepressants and many others. For each specific case, the doctor prescribes an individual treatment. Before starting therapy, it is necessary to identify the cause, due to which the erection disappears. If the factors contributing to the pathology are not found, then the doctor prescribes laboratory and instrumental studies: ultrasound of the large artery of the pelvis, prostate gland, blood test for hormones.

If the problem lies only in psychological causes, then you need to twist and eliminate them. To do this, the doctor uses the following methods:

  • helps to find out what factors reduce libido: malaise, fatigue, stress and others;
  • enlist the support of a partner;
  • prescribe psychotherapeutic sessions that allow a man to increase self-esteem, not to think about failures.

If an incomplete erection is associated with some kind of disease, then the doctor will select an individual drug treatment. Depending on the identified pathology, systemic or topical preparations with an individual course of treatment are prescribed. During complex therapy, physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercises are additionally prescribed. Be sure to adjust the nutrition. With serious complications of sexual function, surgery is performed.


Unstable erection is treated with medication. Depending on the origin of the pathology, the following groups of drugs can be prescribed to the patient:

Antibiotics. If the cause of a flaccid penis during sexual contact is a bacterial infection of the urinary canal (urethritis), then antibacterial agents are prescribed. Medications are selected depending on the type of pathogen. Since the pathology has an infectious nature, the doctor often prescribes broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Anti-inflammatory drugs. With inflammation of the genitourinary system, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed. They contribute to the cessation of spasms, the restoration of normal blood circulation.

Antimicrobial agents (microbicides). They are used to treat bacterial infections, when infected with other types of microbes (fungi, protozoa).

Potency stimulants. They are conditionally divided into several groups: herbal medicines, biologically active additives (BAA) and preparations containing artificially synthesized components. The action of all these funds is aimed at restoring erectile function in men due to an abundant rush of blood into the cavernous and cavernous bodies of the penis and ensures its hardness.

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