Sexual life of a man

Men about sex during pregnancy

You look at your woman and think that she is the future mother of your child. The key is mother. She at this moment is not your beloved desired woman, for which until recently you were ready to go for shawarma at night. It was she who aroused in you bestial attacks of passion and tenderness.

And now you look at her and understand that you are afraid. Afraid to offend, hurt, hurt, afraid of sex with her, she is pregnant. I understand I was in your place three times.

I will reveal the main secret – this is an illusion. Your own glitch.

For a woman, pregnancy is a natural physiological process. This is not a disease, it is … a somewhat unusual version of the norm. You go to work, this is normal, your task is to ensure and safety.

Her body is adapted to bear and give birth. He can bear such loads that the Hulk turns red. For example, no man is able to withstand the level of pain as in childbirth. He just faints. And our gentle and fragile give birth.

If there are no medical contraindications (bleeding, pain), then sex is quite possible. Bro, your fear is your illusion.

It happens that libido is reduced to parquet. This is normal. Toxicosis will bring to the handle of anyone. Remember the state of the hangover, only this lasts for the second month and the brine with pills does not help. Hormones bomb on the brain, I want to kill and cry.

These are extremes, usually everything is calmer. If you don’t practice extreme sports, you won’t harm the cub, you won’t knock on the head and you will not give birth ahead of time. Up to 38 weeks, the cervix is ​​not sensitive to irritation, and after an already term pregnancy, you can give birth. Papatherapy, by the way, prepares the cervix for childbirth.

Sex is about relationships, about emotions and emotional closeness. At the same time, many endorphins, hormones of pleasure, are secreted, and the cub also receives them, by the way. Do not deprive all of joy, bro, and may you be happy.

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