Sexual life of a man

Men are overvalued in their erection

Many men are overvalued in their erection and are so afraid of losing it that it is precisely because of these fears and excitement that they often lose it.

The term “impotence” cannot be used in relation to a sexual altruist, even if he has problems with an erection. Although in the generally accepted sense “impotence” implies a weak erection, which leads to an inability to insert the penis into the vagina and have sexual intercourse, however, during intercourse, as they say, “the light did not converge.” It has been said more than once that there are other ways of sexually satisfying a woman, even without sexual intercourse. The following chapters describe this in more detail.

The term “impotence” means not the inability to satisfy a woman, but only the inability to perform penile friction in the vagina. And this means the loss of only one of the ways to satisfy a woman.

If a man is a sexual altruist, then for him his own potency does not matter, since in the first place he puts the sexual satisfaction of a partner. He himself is also able to experience pleasure if a grateful partner responds affectionately to his affection and helps him achieve orgasm.

Therefore, the main condition for the sexual harmony of a partner couple is the partner’s sexual altruism. And if a man has a desire to deliver maximum pleasure to his beloved woman, then he will always find how to do it exactly. For those who do not yet know this, detailed recommendations will be given below.

All of the above means that the sexual altruist has no problems with potency, since he does not belong to it overvalued. Any violation becomes a problem if a person suffers from it. If this does not bother him, then, accordingly, he does not have a problem. He takes this calmly, does not fixate on certain phenomena, and he does not develop neurosis and inferiority complex on this subject.

A temporary problem for a sexual altruist can only be a narrow range of acceptability of his sexual partner – that is, a certain framework of ideas about what is “allowed” and what “cannot” be allowed to a partner during sexual intercourse.

This can be a manifestation of a woman’s false bashfulness and complexes, prejudices, hypocritical ideas, the attitude of sex as a “sin”, something vicious, base and dirty, inculcated from childhood.

Such a shackled and “squeezed” woman who resists any caresses, considering all kisses, except kisses on the lips, “shameful” and does not allow her partner to show her sexual altruism, is a difficult sexual partner for any man. She deprives herself of herself, since she does not allow a man to wake her sensuality, and therefore does not experience orgasm, but her “complexes” have a negative effect on a man – because the woman’s behavior during sexual intercourse has a huge impact on her partner.

But this problem is quite surmountable. Here, a lot depends on the feelings that a man has for this woman, and a woman for a man.

Even the most “notorious” woman with a narrow range of acceptability, a loving man, if he is considerate, gentle, affectionate and patient, can gradually, over and over again, accustom to erotic caresses. If the partner is a sexual altruist, then he will be able to “re-educate” such a woman and turn her into a relaxed and courageous affectionate sexual partner.

From the foregoing, the most important conclusion follows, which all men should know about: a woman before an orgasm and a woman after an orgasm experienced are two different women. Once a woman experiences the first orgasm of her life, she is completely transformed. Men who have experience in this, who have managed to wake sensuality in a woman who was previously considered cold, can confirm this. There are many examples in this book.

For a man, an orgasm during intercourse is a common phenomenon. Already from adolescence, many live sexually and can survive an orgasm even with a partner to whom they do not experience strong feelings.

And for a woman, her first orgasm is like a gift of fate. She never had this (the experience of masturbation does not count, because with self-satisfaction the sensations of a woman are much weaker), and the fact that the man gave her the opportunity to experience this greatest pleasure (and women have an orgasm much longer than men), – very highly appreciated by the partner.

Women who have had unsuccessful sexual experiences in the past and first experienced an orgasm are boundlessly grateful to the partner for this. After all, a woman’s pleasure almost entirely depends on the man’s sexual behavior. One partner can give her the opportunity to experience pleasure, while the other cannot or does not want to.

Therefore, if a woman regularly reaches an orgasm with this man (and even if not regularly, but at least often), then she will never trade him for another partner. She is ready to forgive him a lot for the fact that he gives her pleasure in bed. Some women say about herself that she, “like a cat,” has become attached to such a partner, and all the other qualities of her are no longer so crucial for her. A man can be ugly, and dumb, and not young, and bald, and fat, and not rich, but if he is a good sexual partner, then the woman really appreciates this.

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