Sexual life of a man

Myths about the sexual abilities of men

Men love to boast of their sexual “exploits” in the male company and often tell their friends incredible stories about their love affairs.

The most popular myths are the ability to perform without interruption 5-6 sexual acts per night (and even more!) Or the ability to “cut” an entire hour without stopping, so that the partner has at least 5-10 orgasms.

The legend about the incredible length of the penis (20 cm or more) is also popular. To listen to men – so all women, it turns out, dream that the penis should be thicker and more authentic, and all partners are simply delighted with sexual intercourse, if the partner has a penis “to the knees”.

Another legend is about the “iron” erection. The man boasts to his friends that his penis is “standing” even in case of unexpected situations – for example, someone entered the room, or during a rough intercourse the bed broke, but nevertheless, the penis was “as hard as a stone”, and intercourse ended happily for mutual pleasure. Or a member of his allegedly “stood” even during the repair of a broken bed or after ejaculation, and an erect penis can almost nail nails.

There are myths about the temperament of women – supposedly the man had such a passionate partner that during sexual intercourse she performed energetic movements of incredible amplitude, and he took off almost from the ceiling. That during one sexual intercourse she managed to survive several orgasms, and he could satisfy her again ten times, it’s a pity, the night was over, and by morning the partner was completely satisfied and almost throttled him in hugs with delight. Moreover, the subtext implies that the narrator himself is such a “sex giant” that he is able to impress even the most temperamental woman with her skill and extraordinary sexual abilities, and she is ready not to crawl out of bed with him for days.

And the most common myth – about the frequency of sexual intercourse – allegedly with a wife, a man performs not one, but 2-3 sexual acts every day, and even several times a week with his mistress, and also at least 2-3 times at each meeting. And if a pretty girl comes across, he will also charm her immediately and immediately put him to bed, and if there is no bed next to him, a table in the office or car interior will also work. But if a neighbor comes running for a couple of minutes for salt or matches, then even more so he will not leave her without his attention and will have time to make several sexual intercourse before his wife comes from the store. At the same time, all the mistresses are extremely happy and break off his phone, begging for a second date — well, they simply don’t give him a pass, so they dream again to be left with him alone with all the “bells and whistles” of sexual rapprochement or even without them.

And if you ask the wife of such a “sex giant,” it turns out that they live sexually no more than once a week, or even less, sexual intercourse occurs “quickly” and “somehow”, no preliminary erotic caresses, at best, the husband is able to make hasty frictional movements in a “traditional position” for 1-2 minutes, after which he turns his back and falls asleep right away, and the wife is constantly unsatisfied.

For other men, the previous myth about their sexual abilities is slightly edited. Allegedly, he lives a sex life with his wife from time to time, when she herself is very “sticking”, but he has not been drawn to her for a long time, since she is in bed “like a log”, or “has grown fat, or she is“ angry, like a vixen, ”but he takes his soul away with the secretary, and with the neighbor, and with the friend’s daughter, and with the random companion in the train compartment, and with all the co-workers, and with the wives of friend-friends, and with all the wife’s friends and her distant relatives . And with neighbors or at the resort – it goes without saying. In this version, the “sex giant” provides itself with excuses in advance in case the wife complains to someone that he is weak in bed. Here the logic is this – the wife herself is to blame, therefore, with him, he only fulfills the “conjugal duty”, he has not wanted her for a long time, therefore he does not particularly try. And with other women, he is capable of incredible feats in bed.

Let’s look at what is true here and what is a clear exaggeration or just bluster.

A young man with good potency and a good sexual partner, to whom he is very attracted, is able to perform 2-3 sexual acts per night, but not more than 4. And the stories of “heroes-lovers” about 5-6 sexual acts are fiction.

Why are the possibilities of men not unlimited? The famous physiologist Sechenov wrote that the inexplicable features of the male sexual apparatus include the complete destruction of sexual desire after a seed eruption, when an erection becomes impossible even with mechanical irritation of the glans penis.

After ejaculation, a man begins a period of genital organs non-excitability to erotic irritations. It is called a refractory pause. If sexual intercourse ends with an ejaculation, then a man loses all desire for intimacy and the penis falls (erection disappears). There is a refractory pause, which can last from 30-40 minutes to several hours, and sometimes even a day. In a young man with a high level of sex hormones, after a refractory period, desire may appear again and then an erection reappears.

Repeated sexual intercourse is usually 10-20% longer in duration than the first. After the second ejaculation, the refractory pause lasts even longer. If a man has a strong potency and experiences an extremely strong sexual attraction to his partner, then sexual desire and erection can occur for the third time. But the biological limit is 3-4 sexual intercourse, and even then, in order for a man to have a strong erection again after several intercourse, partner’s help and good erotic stimulation are needed, for example, a woman should stimulate the partner’s penis with her hand or mouth and tongue ( fellatio).

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