Premature ejaculation

What is normal and abnormal in a man’s sexual abilities

“Some men become impotent because they are overworked by overload; others because they are empty of underload. ” Eric Byrne “Sex in Human Love.”

According to the scientific and methodological center for sexopathology, the duration of frictions during sexual intercourse in healthy men, the sexual manifestations of which corresponded to the notions of an impeccable state of health accepted in sexology, ranged from 1 minute 14 seconds (with 68 frictions) to 3 minutes 34 seconds (with 270 frictions), the average duration of this stage from the moment of immission (insertion of the penis into the vagina) until ejaculation was 2 minutes 2 seconds. The smallest number of frictions is 26, the largest is 270. Examiners in whom ejaculation occurs quickly practiced delayed frictions, and those in whom ejaculation was difficult, practiced more vigorous, fast frictions. Although these authors write that sexually healthy men were examined, sexual intercourse lasting 1 minute 14 seconds is certainly not the normal duration of sexual intercourse.

These average data on the duration of sexual intercourse are based on an examination of only a certain group of men who were examined under experimental conditions. But the results obtained, of course, do not reflect the true sexual abilities of all our compatriots. So the given data is not the norm. This is only a statement of the fact that a certain group of men examined obtained exactly such results. And who exactly was subjected to experimental research, sexopathologists omit this information. But it is doubtful that we will find volunteer enthusiasts who want to serve science unselfishly and for the sake of this they agree to have sexual intercourse in the laboratory, where the number of frictions, duration of intercourse and other parameters are recorded.

If sexual intercourse lasts less than 1-2 minutes – then this is no longer the norm, this is called premature ejaculation. It occurs in men with excessive sensitivity of erogenous zones, as well as in young and inexperienced men, in cases where sexual intercourse takes place in a hurry, when the partner is overexcited or has a new partner. But men with normal potency may have a shortened sexual intercourse, for example, after a long separation from a partner, a new partner, although in other conditions a man is capable of longer sexual intercourse.

Among our compatriots there are many sexually strong men who are capable of a much longer sexual intercourse than the above data. So, it’s not worth it to “equal” the above figures and consider them as the “norm”.

But even 8-10 minutes of primitive sexual intercourse is too little for most women. More than three quarters of women will not be able to get sexual satisfaction if there is no erotic foreplay, if the partner does not use stimulation of other erogenous zones (for example, the clitoris) during the prelude preceding sexual intercourse, or does not stimulate the erogenous zones during intercourse.

Some men specifically train to delay ejaculation and lengthen sexual intercourse. This sexual intercourse is called prolonged. It can be extended up to an hour or more, but most of our compatriots do not know the technique of prolonged sexual intercourse. His methodology is described in the chapter “How to Learn to Extend Sexual Intercourse.”

Prolonged sexual intercourse occurs in men with insensitive erogenous zones. Sexual intercourse also lengthens during sexual intercourse while intoxicated, but it is dangerous for injuries to the genitals of both partners, and in addition, it is more difficult for a man to get an orgasm when intoxicated, and there may be prolonged sexual intercourse without sexual satisfaction.

If we approach the assessment of the sexual abilities of modern men from the point of view of the ancient Chinese, practicing the Tao of love and able to control ejaculation, then the vast majority of our compatriots should be regarded as prematurely ejaculating.

The sexual abilities of modern men were affected by many adverse effects – heredity, and mental abnormalities, and stress, and poor nutrition, and an unhealthy lifestyle, and drunkenness, and smoking. The fact that many of our compatriots are abusing alcohol is no secret. Their fathers, and sometimes their mothers, also drank, which, of course, does not contribute to the mental health of their sons.

The sexual satisfaction of a woman depends entirely on the sexual behavior of her partner. With a poor sexual partner, little-potent or lacking in sexual technique, even the most temperamental woman will not achieve orgasm, and a good sexual partner can give pleasure even to a woman who had previously considered herself “cold” and had lived twenty years in marriage, having no idea, what is an orgasm, or knowing about it only from the experience of masturbation.

Weak sexual abilities of modern men and their “sexual illiteracy” – lack of knowledge of a woman’s erogenous zones and sexual technique, inability to caress a partner correctly — is one of the most frequent reasons for women ’dissatisfaction with intimate life, disappointment in sex and secondary sexual coldness.

The concept of “norm” in sexology is rather vague, although sexologists establish certain limits of norm. But then you can make sure that all these figures are very arbitrary.

It is believed that normal sexual intercourse lasts 3-4 minutes in modern men. But this value is variable. Individual deviations from the average duration of sexual intercourse in one direction or another are possible.

But as already mentioned, the vast majority of modern women cannot be satisfied with such a length of sexual intercourse. Moreover, many modern men are not capable of even 3-4 minutes of sexual intercourse and ejaculate much earlier.

In women, any intervention in the normal course of sexual intercourse completely eliminates the onset of orgasm. A man, when he is very excited, during sexual intercourse is much less distracted by extraneous stimuli than a woman. For example, a woman heard something or it seemed to her that someone was walking outside the door, or it became a little painful during stimulation of the clitoris or during vaginal frictions, and she could no longer survive the orgasm.

Such a pattern is even in animals. For example, the male during mating will not even pay attention to the cat, and the bitch will break free and rush after the cat.

For the occurrence of orgasm during sexual rapprochement in women, the qualitative side over the quantitative is of immeasurably greater importance. For example, a woman may not have an orgasm with a partner who is capable of even a very long sexual intercourse if he neglects erotic caresses in the prelude to intercourse. That is, a man is not only sexually healthy, but also with strong potency, it may turn out to be a bad sexual partner for this woman. And with another partner who caresses her for a long time, and just like this woman prefers, she can experience an orgasm within 1-2 minutes after the introduction of the penis and frictional movements, although from the perspective of a sexologist, this man can be considered prematurely ejaculating.

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