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Orgasm is an orgasm for men, but not for women

For some women, the struggle for a man and the struggle with the man himself is attractive. Many women who had romance novels say that the most interesting thing is the preliminary game, when a man and a woman are just groping for ways to each other, trying on, walking around the bush, throwing eloquent glances at each other, each gesture and look is full of a certain meaning understood only by the two of them.

This is the most acute sensation when the heart is pounding, when it is still vague, when the adrenaline roams in the blood.

And when it came to bed – then everything is too clear and definite, and such a woman is already not interested. “You will feel especially new in bed,” said one woman, “I already know what and how it will be. Orgasm – it is an orgasm, and it makes no difference who it will be with. For orgasm, I have a constant lover. In the meantime, the matter has not reached the bed, while there is a play of glances and the heart trembles – this is all the excitement! Therefore, I love the very beginning of a new novel. And when you surrender to a man, then you are no longer interested in him, and I am not interested in him either. ”

There are women who cheat on husbands with anyone, taking every opportunity. Most often these are mentally disabled women, immature emotionally, not capable of long-term attachments. Even to their children, they do not experience normal maternal feelings. Marriage with such a woman is a misfortune for a man, especially if there are children. Some husbands tolerate this only for the sake of the children, because they cannot trust them with such a frivolous mother. Such husbands can only sympathize. But, fortunately, there are not so many such women.

Sometimes promiscuous sexual relationships are the result of a complex of guilt. If the parents raised the girl in severity, suggesting that she should be chaste before marriage, and she had lost her virginity earlier, then then she feels guilty. She can either abandon her sex life altogether, or embark on “all the hardest”, as if trying to punish herself for the early loss of virginity and establish herself in the opinion that she is “immoral”, “licentious” and deserves only such a life.

The fact that wives are still less likely to cheat than husbands is explained by the fact that they have fewer opportunities for cheating – work, home, friends and relatives – this is the familiar circle of a married woman. If there are no suitable candidates for the role of a boyfriend at work, if her moral principles do not allow her to have an affair with her husband’s husband, then there is no one to choose from among a married woman. And there is no one to take care of her either.

But if a new employee appears at work, handsome and interesting, who is clearly not indifferent to this woman, then she is unlikely to reject his courtship.

Men and women are in obviously unequal conditions. The stronger sex has more opportunities than the weaker, and they have the initiative. A woman cannot herself meet her man, for example, in a public place, on the street or in the subway. And a man can meet a woman anywhere. Most women cannot be the first to show their interest in a man even in the usual team or company, and men can, and these signs of attention are most likely to be favorably received by the woman.

And public opinion is more lenient to the infidelity of men than to cheating on wives. Not without reason, to designate men who have won numerous love victories, such words as “hero-lover”, “sex giant”, “sex machine”, “reveler” and others are used, the meaning of which is more positive than negative, which amuses the pride of men and reflects the condescending attitude of society towards male infidelity. “Abusive” words for such men are much less. And with what words stigmatizes the public opinion of unfaithful wives, you probably know yourself. “Walking” is the mildest of them.

The influence of public opinion is also manifested in the fact that men form the belief that they can be “walked” and wives cannot. The wife, according to some men, does not even have the right to look at other men. and even about the betrayals and we are not talking. Many men are convinced that a wife cherishes her husband and marriage so much that she never ventures on treason. In addition, many believe that his wife will forgive them for this “little weakness” – after all, he is a man! Therefore, they are so self-confident and do not really think about the consequences of their betrayal, if possible.

If all married women had as many opportunities as men, then it can be assumed that the number of faithful wives will decrease significantly.

And married men have much more time than their wives. And this is also important. Family responsibilities, everyday life, daily chores and children occupy all the woman’s free time, and she will think three more times how she will be able to combine all this with dating with her lover. If she completely loses her head from a passion for her lover, then she can neglect all this. But how many women dare to abandon their children for the sake of meeting with her lover? Moreover, passion does not come suddenly, attraction in women develops more gradually than in men.

Although adultery in our time has become a frequent occurrence, but often they bring a woman more disappointment than satisfaction. Everything can start well – courtship, attention of a new man and compliments are pleasant to any woman. But then difficulties and sorrows begin.

A long romance for a married woman implies not only a pleasant excitement in anticipation of an upcoming date and joy during a date, but also many negative aspects. She has to cheat and make time for these dates, and returning after meeting with her lover, she has to hide her eyes from her husband and suffer remorse.

A married woman, carried away by another man, shifts her usual priorities, as the time spent on dates is stolen from her own children. Cheating on a wife more often causes harm to family relationships than cheating on a husband who has more opportunities to keep his affair secret from his wife.

A married woman who is interested in preserving her marriage cannot constantly come home late, after a meeting with her lover, as she is waiting for children and family responsibilities at home. Moreover, she cannot justify the late return of arguments such as a man. Therefore, a woman, if she is very passionate about her lover, if she is burdened by their rare meetings and wants to see him more often, is able to decide on a divorce.

Although it is believed that a woman is more interested in preserving matrimony than a man, in life it does not always turn out like this.

If a woman is unfaithful to her husband and finds virtues in her lover that are more attractive to her than her husband, then she would rather decide to divorce than a man who has a mistress. It happens that even those women who have no chance to marry their lover disagree with her husband, for example, if he is married and does not intend to leave his family.

Very few married women manage to keep a long love affair a secret from her husband. The negative aspect consists not only in the fact that infidelity inevitably affects family relationships, but also in the fact that over time this connection can become a burden for the woman herself, and she can’t break off sharply with her lover.

A woman becomes attached to her lover much faster than he does to her. It happens that this connection becomes a source of suffering and tears for her, if her lover refers to this as an easy affair, and a woman is seriously carried away and hopes for his constancy.

Many women, cheating on their husband, think only to have some fun, forget about the family routine, and then fall into the trap, from which it is difficult to get out.

But easy flirting is not at all contraindicated for a normal woman, and husbands should take it calmly. Easy play, coquetry is necessary for a woman to feel herself still attractive and interesting to men.

However, sexologists and psychologists recommend that women in such cases be circumspect, not to cross the line beyond which flirtation and other relationships begin, not to seek to provoke a man with his coquetry so that he does not regard light flirting as an advance, as a promise of intimate relationships and does not nourish unreasonable hopes, otherwise a woman may fall into a very difficult situation.

Men love to boast of their love victories, including in front of a woman, in order to give themselves more weight and build a reputation as a “heart-eater”. More often than not, bravado is greatly exaggerated.

A normal man, a good lover, and so knows his own worth and will not use such a cheap way to conquer a woman. He will prove his qualities as a lover in bed, not in words. And talkers and bouncers are most often mediocre lovers.

But it does not occur to the men themselves that the wife is cheating, since they believe that the woman does not dare to polygamy and is overly self-confident, believing that they completely satisfy the woman for 10 minutes in bed once a week, after which the woman supposedly the abyss is any desire to look at another man.

Men are more painful about the past of their girlfriends and are even able to be jealous of their former sexual partner.

Most women are not jealous of a man for his past, because that was a long time ago, and they are together now. Perhaps this is due to the fact that women are not like men, they care about their sexual abilities, and they are not afraid that in the past the man had a sexier partner. Women in this regard are more confident in themselves, and usually are not jealous of their former mistresses. And this is quite logical – if the former lover was so good, probably the man would not part with her. And if a man is currently with her, and not with his former lover, then the woman believes that she is better. And she is right.

In romantic relationships, women are more attracted to their romantic side, emotional excitement, emotions, expectation of a date, general agitation and elation.

Men are more interested in not the romantic, but the sexual side of a love affair. Therefore, men are more jealous of the sexual intimacy of a partner with former lovers, and women are more interested in whether he loved his former sexual partners – that is, an emotional rather than a purely sexual aspect.

If a man says that in his former love affair he was only attracted to sex, then the woman will calm down. But if he says that he was madly in love with his former partner, even if the sexual relationship was not up to par, then a woman can also experience the pangs of jealousy and ask her lover, and which of them he loves more. If the partner says that she loves her more, the woman will be satisfied and even proud that she has managed to inspire greater love than his former lover.

The man is more concerned about whether the previous lovers were sexually stronger.

Therefore, even if outwardly a man does not show jealousy for his partner’s past, but he’s troubled at heart, he doesn’t forget anything and may feel insulted, offended, jealousy and wounded pride.

And for insecure men, an inferiority complex can even form. He will not tell the woman anything about his excruciating fears, but he will constantly analyze and doubt whether he is as good as her former lovers.

For a man to be in the role of a “cuckold” is much more painful than for a woman. Owner’s women, so to speak, are spiritual, they pretend more to the soul and feelings of a man, and men are more “physical” owners, they pretend to own a wife’s body alone, and the thought that someone else was touching the wife brings the man to rabies. Apparently, this is connected not only with the owner’s instinct – “This is mine, don’t touch!”, But with the subconscious inferiority complex, or at least the man’s insecurity, is he good, and suddenly his wife’s lover is better.

That is why men are so jealous of even paid “love.” We already have such an “intimate service” service, borrowed in the West, as male prostitutes. Many women are quite calm about the fact that the husband uses the services of a prostitute, but this can lead her husband into a frenzy – how is it that they neglected, preferred another man! It does not matter that the services are paid, it is important that he may be more skillful than himself. And this is a very painful blow for the pride of a man. A man can forgive a lot, but not with regard to his sexual abilities – this is his most vulnerable place. Moreover, professionals, of course, are more skilled than an amateur husband, and they will never leave a client unsatisfied, unlike her husband.

Sexologists believe that women who are prosperous in their family life do not seek adultery.

There are many cases when the lover of a beautiful and bright woman of a completely different intellectual level – is uneducated, dumb, and also ugly and short – neither outwardly nor as a person is remarkable. Everyone knows cases of a love affair and even the marriage of a princess with a bodyguard, a rich woman with her chauffeur, or any of the attendants. Some famous film actresses and fashion models marry such men, having in the past experience of unsuccessful marriage with people from their circle. And happy in a new marriage.

If a woman is not satisfied with psychological or intimate relationships with her husband, then she can make a young, temperamental lover of any social level, even if they differ in intelligence and general culture – for tone and “for body”.

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