Sexual life of a man

Why do wives cheat on their husbands?

The actions of young lovers of wealthy men are usually led not by love, but by cold calculation. They are not attracted to elderly intellectuals, men who have the means to provide them with a luxurious life, they are looking for people of a particular circle.

It is difficult to believe in the unselfish love of a twenty-year-old girl for a 45-year-old man. In modern conditions, with such a difference in age, mercantile interests most often prevail, the young lover is more interested in the purse of the lover, and not his soul.

And men of mature age often fall into the networks of such temptresses. The famous proverb “Gray in the beard, and the demon in the ribs” – very well reflects the state of things. From a certain age, when a man begins to realize that the best years are already behind, and old age is approaching, and with it the loss of potency, he begins to feverishly catch up.

Even if in his youth he was faithful to his wife and did not look for love pleasures on the side, in the period of involution (male menopause) preceding withering, his moral principles can change.

Moreover, aging men are usually attracted to young girls, not mature women. Firstly, next to a young partner, a man seems to be younger, secondly, it’s prestigious to have a young lover and pleasantly tickle male vanity, and thirdly, there may already be problems with potency at this age, and to an inexperienced partner, this will not be so obvious as with a mature woman, but with the one that he contains, and even more so.

A mature woman will not become the mistress of an elderly man with a weak potency. Such women also do not have mercantile interests, since they seek in a love affair either romantic relationships or sexual satisfaction, and preferably both. Therefore, they will also prefer a younger lover.

And with a young lover, a lack of masculine strength can make an aging lover “compensate” financially. It is not necessary that he will pay her, but the forms of “reward” can be different – gifts, luxurious toilets, a ticket to a prestigious resort and much more.

Modern young attractive girls have long had no illusions and romantic ideas about the problems of relations between men and women. Newspapers are full of announcements: “An attractive blonde of 20 years (range from 18 to 23 years) is looking for a well-paid job as a secretary or referent in a reputable company …” – and then gives height, weight, chest, waist, hips and other parameters. And counter announcements: “The company needs an attractive girl no older than …. years ”and so on.

Such legalized prostitution is commonplace these days. Girls who do not have other abilities and advantages in order to ensure a comfortable life for themselves are hoping in this way to improve their financial situation by trading themselves for an official salary or in the hope of an informal reward.

Having superficially mastered the work on the computer and other simplest skills, in the professional sense such secretaries, referents, assistants are most often very mediocre employees. They do not seek to achieve high professionalism, hoping to achieve everything in a different way.

After forty years, many men become more inert, passive and even lazy in search of new sexual partners. Therefore, they prefer to choose them from their immediate environment.

Modern men have become lazy even in love. They do not like a long siege, they do not like to court a woman for a long time. They do not stand under the beloved’s balcony, sighing and tormented by unrequited love. An adult man will not suffer and seek for a long time. There is no time for everyone, everyone wants to get everything at once, men act by storm, and if it did not work out with this woman, then there are others. Even modern teens no longer behave like Romeo and Juliet, and if the chosen one refuses them intimacy, they quickly console themselves with another, more affordable one.

And if a woman takes the initiative herself, she makes life easier for a man. And what kind of man will refuse that it goes so easily into hands ?!

It is very rare that with a good family relationship a man leaves his family, no matter how much he likes his new lover.

Attachment to the wife, if they lived together a quiet harmonious life, usually outweighs the new hobby. Men, less than women, are guided in their lives by emotions, their mind dominates feelings. Therefore, married men strive to maintain the “status quo” – that is, the former, unchanging state, having both a family and a lover. Many men, precisely because of their children, are unable to leave their families.

With tormenting thoughts, with whom to stay, with a wife or mistress, if it is possible to be with both women, and even more so if you have lived with your wife for many years, there are children and many spouses, unfaithful husbands usually do not burden themselves if there is no external push .

Young and “sexy” women often complain about how difficult it is to get a married man to divorce. What tricks they do not let go – and tears. and hysteria, and jealousy of his wife (even if she’s aged), and imaginary and even real pregnancy, and threats, and ultimatums, and demands! But a man does not marry a woman just because she demands it, if he categorically does not want it.

Psychologists believe that the critical time, when there is a chance that a man will leave his family, is one year. If he did not divorce during the first year of a love affair, then the chances that he will do it later are very small. A man gets used to it, everything becomes ordinary, and he is no longer so interested.

There are many cases when husbands eventually become disillusioned with their mistresses and part with them on their own initiative. All love affairs pass sooner or later.

Why do wives change in our time?


Not only husbands, but also wives change, although unfaithful wives are still much less than unfaithful husbands. And no matter how the husband threatens that he will kill both his wife and her lover, if she dares to change, this does not stop some women. Church morality forbade adultery, and under Sharia law, unfaithful wives were stoned. However, this did not save many women from adultery.

Sexologists give such numbers – 76% of husbands and 26% of wives cheat on their wives, and over the past 20 years these numbers have remained at approximately the same level. In half the cases, the wives find out about the husband’s infidelity, discuss it with him or guess.

Too many married women are not averse to making an easy, non-binding affair, if this does not threaten them. And they do not do this, mainly because of fears that the husband will find out about this and this may affect family relationships. But if one could have a little “fun” on the side without any damage to the family, then they would not have given up this opportunity.

No wonder “spa novels” are such a common occurrence. They are attractive precisely because of their impunity and transience. The woman was entertained, felt welcome, and this is quite enough. Vacation ends, “resort lovers” travel around their cities and only pleasant memories remain. None of the women make serious plans, making an affair at the resort. And the husband will not know about anything. And everyone is happy.

There is also such a motive for betrayal when a wife wants to “annoy” her husband if he does not pay enough attention to her, as if proving that she is still attractive and desirable for other men. At the same time, she intentionally makes it clear to her husband that he is not the only man in her life.

Many wives do not make easy novels not because they don’t want it, but because they don’t have such an opportunity. Or because men do not like them and no one cares for them.

There are women, not even very beautiful, but they have many lovers, and her friend, who is much more beautiful, does not have one. This happens because the first one is aimed at men, even in her eyes there is an appeal that men immediately feel – a woman is ready, why shouldn’t a man risk it ?! And the other repels men with their coldness and inaccessibility.

Women are more looking for romantic relationships, compliments that the husband has not said for a long time, the opportunity to like and arouse desire. But the sexual side is also attractive to them if there is no satisfaction in marriage.

Some women, having acquired a lover, become more attentive to their husband, as the guilt that they feel at the same time encourages them to somehow “compensate” for their infidelity, paying more attention to their husband.

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