Sexual life of a man

Frequent betrayal and constant search for love adventures – mental pathology?

Partially modified and constant search for love adventures. He cannot have a long affection for one woman. The range of disorders is quite wide – from infantilism (mental development mismatch to a person’s age), immaturity, insecurity, various complexes – to more serious mental disorders.

Psychologists cite four types of traitorous husbands:

Frustrated – when, after many years of life and the loss of their former love passion, partners lose their desire for intimacy. The man is not ready for a new manifestation of his tenderness and is trying to prove his sexual abilities, to have a lover.

Conqueror – a man who seeks to constantly win women’s hearts for self-affirmation. High potency for him is a sign of a real man. With his love victories, he constantly strives to prove to himself and others that he is a strong man, and can even boast of his achievements.

The fugitive is a man who is weighed down by the bonds of marriage, like a cell that limits his freedom, so he seeks to break out of it with the help of love adventures.

Perfect – a man who believes that attachment to one woman prevents the search for some ideal that he is looking for. He does not consider any woman perfect enough to keep her faithful.

In sexology, such a phenomenon as the complex of provoked adultery is also known. It manifests itself in the fact that the partner, through his behavior, conversations, hints or actions, as it pushes the other partner to treason.

Sexologists believe that the reasons for this behavior is the search for especially thrills – during intercourse with a changed partner, the second represents himself as an “insidious seducer” (or “seducer”).

Some partners provoke another to cheating out of masochistic motives, when “jealousy is sweeter than love.” Masochism is manifested in the fact that a person experiences sexual arousal when humiliation, suffering and pain are inflicted on him. In these cases, unconscious masochistic tendencies are realized when a person suffers from jealousy and this excites him.

The third reason for the provoked infidelity is the veiled form, when a person pushes a partner to infidelity in order to have the right to similar behavior.

And the most common reason is the desire of the provocative to shift the responsibility for the gap to another partner. When a person is already weighed down by the union and wants to “beautifully leave”, but he does not dare to destroy his marriage or end his love affair, he pushes his partner to cheat and thus makes him “guilty” of the break.

Sexologists do not attribute the complex of provoked infidelity to sexual deviations. They regard it as a violation of the connection between partners, a challenge to partner ties, love (denial of love), the manifestation of hidden needs and motives and do not recommend satisfying them in such a risky way.

Interest in other women is quite natural for a normal man. And the effect of novelty, and the desire to know another woman, and the desire to prove that he is a “real man” who can conquer any woman – all this is inherent in a normal man who has everything in order with his head and potency.

Not only men are prone to betrayal, but also women, but men have more opportunities, stronger sexual attraction and other priorities.

Cheating on their wives, most men do not experience excruciating doubts and self-accusations that they acted “badly.” On the contrary, they feel themselves to be full-fledged men, which no woman can resist. But they treat their betrayals most often as an easy affair, a pleasant variety, and therefore they do not suffer remorse.

The man is sure that he loves his wife and children, is not going to leave them, and a love affair that does not oblige him to anything will pleasantly excite the blood. In addition, on occasion you can brag to your friends another lover, you can be proud of your victories and feel like a full-fledged man.

When there is the possibility of a new sexual relationship, the man believes that this does not oblige him to anything, he will have fun and painlessly part with his mistress when he is tired of it. Difficulties begin later. And if a man could have guessed in advance what this would lead to, he would hardly have been so careless.

A husband can love his wife and, nevertheless, cheat on her. And this happens quite often. Cheating on wives and husbands who are not satisfied with their family life, and those who believe that they love a wife. He can love his wife, and with a lover can be a purely sexual relationship.

And it happens that a man loves two women at the same time, and neither of them wants to lose and wants to save both. He says they are so different and he needs both. It would be nice to combine them and how to create one woman who possesses the qualities of both women he loves, but since this is impossible, he does not want and cannot part with any of them. Although in fact the man does not want to “unite” the two beloved women, since one seems to complement the other or vice versa, one of them is the exact opposite of the other.

A married man, having acquired a mistress, is not in a hurry to divorce and enter into a new marriage. Even many young and attractive lovers who have all the advantages that a wife does not have can make a man divorce his wife.

A man can promise his mistress that he will divorce soon, but right now he cannot do this, but he must divorce later, and will justify quite convincing arguments. But such a situation can last for years, and the farther, the less likely that he will really leave the family.

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