Sexual life of a man

Why do men cheat on wives?

Marital infidelity has become very common in our time. Many husbands cheat on their wives when they have the opportunity.

Psychologists provide such statistics – two-thirds of married men have changed their spouse at least once. Half of married men had more or less long love affairs. The most dangerous age is considered to be between 30 and 40 years, with a “peak” betrayal between 37 and 39 years. In her opinion, it is most often changed around the 14th year of family life, and it is precisely those men who, before marriage, had the experience of romance novels, and in adulthood have good financial capabilities that allow them to pamper their mistress with gifts.

Some men can’t even explain the reason for their infidelity, saying that they themselves don’t know this, just had the chance. They say that they cheated on his wife “just like that”, because “it happened”, “this is how things happened”. That is, they were not pre-configured for treason, but everything turned out spontaneously, under the influence of a suddenly flashed attraction or simply provided an opportunity.

Most men do not believe that adultery will affect relationships with children and wife. They are looking for in love affairs that which is not in the usual family life. But if possible, they prefer to save both.

Men are more active and more often cheating on wives than wives on husbands. The initial initiative in a love story belongs to a man. If a suitable case comes up, if another woman flirts with him and shows that she is interested in her, and she is not against his courtship, no man will miss such a chance. A woman can show her attitude, encourage his courtship, but the decisive role is for men.

Only those men who are not interested in other women or who themselves are not interested in women do not change. Or if a man is so in love that while other women do not care. But love eventually fades, and in a long marriage, many men begin to glance in the direction of other women. For some, interest is limited to this, if not possible.

But if circumstances are favorable, then many men will not behave like monks. This is the psychology of men, it is significantly different from the psychology of women.

A man to a greater extent than a woman is able to immediately get carried away if he meets a very attractive woman, since on average, sexuality in most men is more intense than in women.

Adultery may result from a lack of harmony. If at home it’s bad – in any respect, psychological or sexual, if a man is dissatisfied with his family life, when his wife does not have warmth, care, attention, sincere interest in his problems, he seeks solace in a love affair. The reason for a man’s betrayal may be “sexual boredom” – tired of the monotonous intercourse with his wife in the same position, with the same set of affection.

The reason for marital infidelity may be in sexual dissatisfaction, for example, due to the lack of erotic caresses on the part of the wife, as a result of which the man does not experience complete sexual satisfaction and seeks him “on the side”.

At the same time, men believe that with another partner they can experience stronger feelings. At first, they have a sexual interest in the new partner, but if the man himself practices primitive sexual intercourse, then the next partner will be the same.

Therefore, after a series of adultery with various partners, they do not find what they were looking for. However, the sexual satisfaction of a man depends not only on novelty, but also on erotic caresses – this is the law of sexual life. Only sexual intercourse, which is preceded by mutual prolonged erotic caresses in erogenous zones, can give both partners such deep satisfaction that they will never give rise to thoughts of treason.

There are families where the husband, as they say, “doesn’t miss a single skirt,” the wife realizes this, but prefers to pretend that she knows nothing. One of these women even said: “Nothing terrible, not soapy, will not be erased. The main thing is that some dirt does not bring me and does not infect any muck. ”

There are even women who deliberately let her husband “walk” and “frolic on the grass,” saying that her husband should be “kept on a long leash” so that he had “the opportunity to maneuver.” “Walks, runs and again runs to me.” They believe that such an affair is still safer for the strength of the marriage than a long romance, which is still unknown how it will end.

Some women put up with this position not because they really want the husband to cheat, but they just choose the lesser of two evils.

There are men who are “revelers” who cannot help but cheat on their wife, and it is impossible to force them to be faithful to their wife by any means. Any more or less interesting woman who is close by immediately provokes his interest and a burning desire to know her. But usually they quickly get fed up and lose interest in the conquered woman, switching to another, as they are unable to remain faithful to any woman – neither his wife nor his mistress.

Their poor wives after unsuccessful attempts to deal with her husband’s infidelities, resign themselves to this, although they are also not easy. But they simply have no other choice, since if a wife begins to monitor her husband and control him, he will still find an opportunity to seduce some woman when his wife is a little vigilant, and the man sees her strict control as a restriction of his freedom and seeks to get rid of it by all means, up to divorce. And the wife, if she does not want this, has no choice but to put up with his affairs, hoping that not a single woman will be able to keep her husband near her for long.

In men, promiscuous sexual intercourse and frequent betrayal can be caused by an unconscious fear of being bankrupt, and they each time prove to themselves that with potency they are all right.

Or a man unconsciously resists the desire of a woman to keep him, cannot reconcile that he should belong to only one woman, and with his frequent betrayals, he proves the right to freedom.

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