Sexual life of a man

Erotic fantasies in men and nightly emissions

Sometimes, before or during sexual intercourse, a person fantasizes and imagines seen erotic scenes, and this contributes to increased sexual arousal.

Erotic fantasies in people are quite diverse. And in his fantasies, even a “notorious” person who behaves constrained and monotonous during sexual intercourse can present rather frank erotic scenes.

Men fantasize in various situations – during sexual intercourse, when they watch the erotic price and imagine themselves in the place of the hero, before bedtime, with early morning awakening, when they are traveling in transport or sitting in front of the TV, being carried away into the world of dreams and fantasies.

Fantasies can be inspired by a meeting with an attractive woman (man), who was sitting opposite in a train or on a bus, just walked by, having doused herself with a wave of her spirits. People fantasize in any mood, and this makes it possible to escape from unpleasant thoughts, brighten up the boredom and routine of your life.

There is no pathology, “mental betrayal” or willingness to change. People have been fantasizing since childhood. Often in the imaginary world of dreams and fantasies one sees exactly what a person is deprived of in real life, and fantasies seem to compensate for his dissatisfaction.

If the wife behaves in bed as a “righteous woman,” then the husband in his fantasies can imagine a “vamp woman”, insatiable and temperamental, and this helps him to put up with the constraint and “notoriousness” of his wife in real life.

Or, a man mentally does something with an imaginary mistress that he will never allow himself in relation to his wife, fearing her misunderstanding and condemnation, or because of his own “complexes”.

One of the common themes of men’s erotic fantasies is sex with two partners. There can be various options – both partners are unfamiliar or one of them is his constant partner, and the other is a stranger, the second woman can be lesbian or heterosexual, they participate in imaginary sex games three or one at a time, or he watches the lesbian sex games etc.

Sometimes a man imagines “threesome” when the third participant is a man. Moreover, the imaginary partner is most often a different partner, not his constant partner.

Sexual fantasies, when a fantasist enters into sexual contact with another partner rather than a partner, heterosexual men are quite rare and if they are, this may indicate hidden homosexuality that is not realized in real life.

Quite often, men imagine that their regular partner has sex with another man or with a lesbian. At the same time, the man does not feel jealousy, since these are just fantasies, on the contrary, he feels pride and satisfaction with the fact that in real life the partner still prefers him, and not someone else. And for some men, such fantasies reflect unconscious masochistic tendencies – the desire to “torment themselves”, and this is what excites me most.

Many men during sexual intercourse imagine that next to them is not their regular partner, but the famous movie star, which he likes, or the beauty, a photograph of which he recently saw in an erotic magazine.

Or an imaginary partner – the image of a real woman, for example, a work colleague, girlfriend of a wife, sister-in-law, wife of a friend or neighbor. And with such fantasies, a man can behave during sexual intercourse with a constant partner differently, and not as usual, imagining that a woman from his fantasies is in place of his wife.

Some women in such cases even begin to be jealous of their partner, believing that he has become different because he has changed and gained experience with a new sexual partner. In fact, this “betrayal” is just a figment of fantasy. This may indicate an attraction to a real woman who is present in the fantasies of a man, but this does not mean that he really will seek her favor.

Some men, having sex, imagine a naked female body or individual intimate parts that excite them the most, or scenes of sexual intercourse from seen pornographic films or magazines.

Many men dream someday to try sex with a black woman or woman of another race, as they are famous for their ability to deliver the greatest pleasure to a man. And in their fantasies, men can imagine themselves with a representative of another race or even with several of them, including different races, for example, a black woman, a Thai woman and a white woman.

Sex in the wrong situation and in the wrong place is also a fantasy topic for many men. Presenting a woman on her desk or under the desk when she caresses her mouth during a meeting, many men are excited. Or sex in an airplane toilet or public toilet, which a man will never dare in real life, but can afford it in his fantasies.

Most men dream someday to use the services of a prostitute, even if they are not going to do it.

In real life, many men do not use this opportunity, which has now become available to everyone, but not because of moral barriers, since sex with a prostitute is not regarded by any of the men as treason (only women take this painfully, considering themselves offended, since the partner preferred the services of another woman to them), and out of fear of contracting a venereal disease. And I must say, their fears are well founded.

But in their fantasies, men can not be afraid of becoming infected. In the possibility of sex with a prostitute they are attracted to curiosity, the experience of a professional.

In fantasies about sex with a prostitute, men imagine a woman who completely submits to them, and with whom they can do whatever they want, and believe that the prostitute will meekly agree to all their unusual demands that a man cannot realize with his partner.

Most men believe that the prostitute’s sex technique is much higher than that of an ordinary woman, and in life they are often disappointed that prostitutes do not provide “special services” other than banal, or they make a reservation in advance, the pimp warns there was “nothing superfluous”, and only a few of the prostitutes agree to “non-standard” services.

Or men do not imagine themselves with a prostitute, but with another woman who fulfills all their unusual whims and desires, and every man wants to try “something like that” at least once in his life.

There is also such a variant of fantasies when men who are rather timid, indecisive and constrained in real life, represent themselves as rude, unbridled, inconsiderate, they mentally commit sexual intercourse against the will of a woman, resolutely and roughly stopping her attempts to counter it.

In their sexual fantasies, men can imagine how they take a woman by force, overcoming her fierce resistance and experiencing strong excitement, and then a woman from fantasies is also aroused, becomes malleable and “burns out of passion”.

Some men in their fantasies imagine themselves to be a slave to a woman who is completely subordinate to any of her desires, but it is assumed that a woman is very temperamental, unbridled, requires immediate satisfaction of her attraction to a man, and all sexual activity belongs to her alone, and he is passive and enjoys from his subordinate role.

And outside the situation of sexual intercourse, sexual fantasies are, as it were, replacing, compensating for sexual dissatisfaction.

If a person fantasizes during sexual intercourse and is fully focused on his sensations, then sexual arousal comes faster and the orgasm is more intense.

With prolonged interruptions in sexual life in adult men, there may be nocturnal emissions.

In men, during sleep, the expiration of the seed occurs, which is preceded by a dream of erotic content. A man can see in a dream a naked woman or how he allegedly performs sexual intercourse with her. An erection occurs, which ends with a sweet sensation and orgasm. The amount of secreted semen is less than during intercourse.

Pollution is a completely physiological phenomenon, and women should not be surprised to see sperm stains on her husband’s linen or on a sheet.

This is the body’s self-defense against accumulated seed, if a man has no other sexual discharge. Whether a man lives sexually or not, his body produces sex hormones and sperm. Because of this, there is an overexcitation of centers in the spinal cord, and the body itself regulates this process, removing excitation by means of pollutions.

The appearance of the first emissions in adolescent boys indicates awakening sex drive.

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