Sexual life of a man

Man’s dissatisfaction with his sex life

Some husbands complain that before the wedding, the wife was much more sexually active, never refused intimacy, she took the initiative and organized their meetings, and now she has become “cold” and indifferent to sex, constantly evading intimacy.

There are many reasons for this, and it is amazing how men themselves do not understand this.

Firstly, these are the above reasons. If our women had less worries and household chores, and they would be able to lie on the couch in a beautiful peignoir, with perfect manicure, hair and makeup, leafing through some kind of erotic magazine or just thinking about pleasant things, they would have a sexual desire it would be much more often than when she thinks that nothing is left of the salary, and it is still not known whether they will give it, and the eldest son should be given money to school tomorrow, and the younger one coughs, well and the like. I think that any woman will continue this list, and it will turn out to be quite long for her. Is there sex here!

But even a woman who is most preoccupied with everyday problems, a loving and attentive man can set up for sex if she is gentle and affectionate with her.

Secondly, after the wedding, not only for the man, but also for the woman, the effect of novelty disappears. A regular sexual partner is good for a woman only if he is a good partner. And if he does not satisfy her, then she loses interest in sexual intimacy, or she wants new sexual contacts with other partners.

The lack of novelty effect also manifests itself in the fact that over time, the methods of sexual intercourse in spouses who are in a long marriage become more uniform and the sexual act itself takes less time.

And again, this is primarily the fault of men. It is they who, if they have a desire, try to quickly realize it, without the preliminary sexual caresses that a woman needs so much, or limiting themselves to a few kisses.

Every man, if he tries, can recall that before marriage or in the first months of marriage, preliminary sexual games were much longer and more varied, on his own initiative or mutually.

And in a long marriage, preliminary caresses take less and less time, which is not enough for the wife to experience sufficient sexual arousal.

Thirdly, before marriage, some girls do not refuse to partner in intimacy or themselves show sexual activity because they try to attract or retain a partner. And when they get married, they believe that the husband will not go anywhere.

And this is not the fault of men, but of women. In vain, the wives believe that the stamp in the passport itself can keep the husband if they give up on him. He never kept his husbands unless there were other reasons that kept him married. Even children can’t always save a marriage if it “bursts at all seams”.

Fourth, and this is the most important reason, although it is given here last, the decrease in the sexual activity of many wives is associated with a lack of sexual satisfaction.

At first, the woman still hopes that the orgasm will come, and eagerly meets the wishes of her husband, experiences sexual arousal, but when there is no orgasm with coition, she loses interest in sexual intimacy. And many wives do not want to agree to sexual intimacy for the pleasure of the husband when he is a sexual egoist and does not care about her sexual satisfaction, and it is difficult to blame them.

Men, try to put yourself in the place of such women – if you had to “fulfill your conjugal duty” just for the sexual satisfaction of your wife, but if you yourself would not experience excitement or orgasm, would you fulfill it? !

It is clear that it is difficult for you to imagine such a situation, it is incredible already because in the absence of a desire for intimacy with a woman, sexual arousal and erection in a man simply will not occur. But if you think abstractly and imagine that such a situation is possible, then how many men would agree to it regularly? And women have to agree when the husband insists, and quite often. Although she personally does not give it pleasure.

Therefore, they talk about “voluntary rape”, which happens quite often, and the more often, the more a woman develops a negative attitude towards sex.

Even if the partner has already experienced an orgasm, a man will not stop intercourse if he has a normal erection, and the orgasm has not yet occurred.

And the woman after her orgasm will wait patiently until the man finishes intercourse, and pushes him right away after his orgasm and turns his back on him.

Why does a man think that sexual activity can be stopped when he has an orgasm, and the partner has not yet, turn her back on her and calmly fall asleep? Although he no longer has an erection in a refractory pause, are there really no other ways to satisfy his partner? For those who do not know them, the methods are given in previous chapters.

Women are grateful to their partner when he gives them the opportunity to regularly experience an orgasm. Are men thankful to their partners for giving them such an opportunity?

If all people knew more about all aspects of intimate life, this would save millions of people from disappointment and tragedy.

Sexologist M. Kinessa believes that the sexual act of a man and a woman in the form in which nature created it is too physiological and rude. Physically, he satisfies partners, but does not bear spiritual pleasure, and therefore differs little from sexual intercourse in animals.

In animals, there is also a sexual attraction to a certain object. For example, a female may not let one male in, but she will gladly let another. The same is with males – one female may “not like”, and the other “like”. But in general, sexual intercourse in animals is not an expression of affection and love, but a means for procreation.

Man is not an animal, therefore sex and procreation are regarded as separate phenomena. Although conception occurs as a result of sexual intercourse, but most people do not set themselves the goal of only childbearing. This is a natural consequence of the sex life of two loving people who want to have a normal family, and in children see a piece of their beloved. But in the sex life of an adult, childbearing is not the most important thing.

The psychological aspect of sexual relations is no less important for people than pleasure itself.

During normal sexual intercourse, without preliminary caresses, if a man does not stimulate erogenous zones, most women do not experience orgasm and remain unsatisfied, primarily psychologically. If the partner is inexperienced and has not awakened the sensuality of a woman, then she loses interest in sex, and he calls her “frigid”. In addition, the absence of sexual discharge causes great harm to her health, as during sexual arousal and sexual intercourse, a rush of blood to the pelvic organs occurs, and a decrease in blood supply cannot occur as quickly as it happens after sexual discharge, dysfunctions and diseases of the female genital area , – and this is the second reason for the development of sexual coldness of a woman.

A man’s dissatisfaction with his sexual life with a passive and indifferent partner also affects his mental state, and if he cannot achieve sexual discharge with his partner, this also affects his physical health. It has a scientific basis.

Thus, the struggle for the culture of sex is a struggle for the physical and mental health of a person. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of doctors is to ensure that orgasm is a constant companion of the intimate life of every person.

Sexual life occupies such an important place in a person’s life that it leaves an imprint on his whole psyche, behavior and mood.

If a person has problems with sex, he becomes depressed or irritable, everyone and everyone is unhappy, capricious, demanding and picky to everyone around him, and not just to his sexual partner.

And vice versa, a person who has everything in order in his sex life, is in good tone and mood, is cheerful and energetic, everything is given to him easily and people around him easily.

So do not deprive yourself, do not deprive yourself of joy and pleasure, and make every effort to normalize your sexual relations if you have problems, and then you will realize that life is beautiful and your efforts were not wasted.

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