Premature ejaculation

The reason for a weak erection is insufficient stimulation by a woman

Interpersonal conflicts with a partner are one of the common causes of psychological impotence. It is difficult to build a trusting and warm relationship with a woman if she does not consider a man, is overly self-confident, and believes that she can do without him. I must say that such statements by women do not testify to her mind. An intelligent woman will never belittle the dignity of a man, since the desire to demonstrate her superiority is evidence of limitation. The use of vibrators and other sexual techniques has benefited some people who have sexual problems, but has also done a lot of harm, convincing some women that she does not even need a man for bed, that she can fully satisfy herself with the help of mechanical partner substitutes.

Nevertheless, real women have not yet been extinct in the world, so the opportunity to meet a feminine, tactful, affectionate and intelligent sexual partner is not excluded for any man.

Each couple has its own characteristics in sexual life and relationships, and if a man has failed, then this problem must be solved individually in each case, based on the characteristics of each partner.

If the cause of a weak erection is insufficient stimulation by a woman, then she must provide the necessary stimulation.

Ideally, every woman should know the erogenous zones of her partner, individual in each person, and act on them. This can be the region of the anus, and the scrotum, and the inner surface of the thighs, and the region of the buttocks or lower back, the skin of the back, the region of the axillary hollows, the nipples, the ear – each man’s erogenous zones are different. And an experienced partner, interested in the normal potency of her partner, always knows them.

If the stimulation of erogenous zones by the partner was, but did not lead to a sufficient erection, then oral caresses can help.

In previous years, many people treated oral sex with a hypocritical position, and this attitude caused a lot of harm to many men who could have completely avoided impotence if their partners were not “notorious” and did not regard oral sex as something “ nasty and dirty. ”

Now the attitude to oral sex as a whole has changed, it is already regarded not as a “perversion”, but as a completely acceptable and often practiced method of sexual satisfaction, especially in cases where for some reason there is no possibility for normal sexual intercourse (menstruation pregnancy, recent birth or surgery, and many others). Many couples give him a clear preference over ordinary sexual intercourse.

But this is how young people relate to oral caresses. At an older age, the attitude towards this problem remained unchanged.

There is nothing dirty and disgusting in the sexual relations of two loving and understanding each other people. Everything that they do during their love affairs and sexual intercourse is completely normal and natural. This is much more natural than, squeamishly pursing lips, condemning other people for “debauchery” if they want to diversify their love games.

The simpler and more relaxed a person feels during sexual intercourse, the less he has problems with sex.

Oral caress can help in many cases of functional (psychological) impotence. This is a very strong stimulation if it is carried out by an experienced sexual partner.

Even older people and old people who have had sexual weakness for many years experience an orgasm with oral caresses.

It is completely unimportant in what way and way of sexual intercourse an orgasm is achieved, and there is nothing “dirty and nasty” in oral sex. It is disgusting only with the man who disgusts the woman himself. But with such a man, everything related to sex is disgusting. And if a woman loves a man, then what can be “nasty” in a loved one ?! A problem may be if she has no experience. But if you wish, you can learn everything. Relevant recommendations in the book are given.

Impotence is the topic of many jokes, it is usually joked with those men whose sexually everything is in order. In vain. No one is safe from failure.

Potency impairment is just a disorder of one of the functions of the human body. And any dysfunction cannot be the subject of public discussion and ridicule. If people were more considerate of this problem, which for a man becomes a real tragedy, then this would save many from the fear of impotence, and from impotence itself.

For a man suffering from sexual weakness – this is by no means a joke. Because of this, a man may lose his partner, wife, and if she turns out to be tactless and discusses with someone the reasons for the breakup, and other people become aware of this, then this may become the collapse of his personal life. He loses self-esteem, self-confidence and respect of others, becomes the subject of ridicule. Not a single woman, knowing that a man suffers from impotence, will not seek closeness with him.

Of the great people of the past, Dwight David Eisenhower, who twice served as US President from 1952 to 1960, suffered from impotence. In his youth, he had a reputation as a misogynist, although he had a magnificent figure and good looks, and many women liked him. During the war, Kay Semmersby, who served in Eisenhower’s headquarters, fell in love with him. Later, in her memoirs, she wrote that their intimacy was limited to passionate kisses, since Eisenhower was impotent. After an attempt at intimacy, Eisenhower told her: “Too late.” Then he confessed to Kay: “Family life with Mamie killed something in me. For several years now, I had not thought about sex, and when I had such an opportunity, I suffered a failure. “

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