Month: August 2022

4 reasons why a man can’t cum?

Orgasm is not a prerequisite for procreation, but it is what makes sex attractive. If only one of the partners manages to “finish”, the second one involuntarily begins to blame himself. In fact, most often a man does not have an orgasm due to domestic problems. But in some cases, the cause may lie in […]

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Scientists have named the best way to have sex

Gynecologists from a private New York clinic, New H Medical, called the possible position to achieve female orgasm. This is reported by The Sun. The study involved a couple of volunteers who had sex in the five most common positions, and doctors using an ultrasound scanner monitored blood flow in the woman’s clitoris. The experiment […]

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American sex life declined in 2022

Intimate relationships are important in everyone’s life. But when we are 20-25 years old, it seems that life ends after forty. We think that sex ceases to be as bright: it hurts the knee, then the lower back pulls. However, in adulthood, sexual activity can reach heights that were not even known at a young […]

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