Use in the process of sex simulators

The characteristics of the human body are so diverse, and the sexual Constitution is so individual that for some partners to extend the time of sexual intercourse, the modern sex industry offers a wide range of devices. Among them, didlo – substitutes or simulators of the penis, known for millennia pistons, medovki, and now also modern vibrators, stimulants, dildos and attachments to the penis, which perform multiple functions: in addition to increasing the genitals, bringing new sensations in intercourse, a variety of sensations and help with erectile dysfunction, they can solve the problem of prolongation of sexual intercourse.

Dildos are analogous to the male penis, reproducing its appearance in all anatomical details. They are made of various materials (flexible latex, with soft copper wire, silicone, indistinguishable to the touch from living skin), have many shapes and sizes, change the angle of inclination, which allows to take the product that meets the highest requirements.

Using this didlo in between the introductions of own penis, or at certain stages of copulation, the man to prolong the time to reach their own orgasm or accelerates the achievement of his partner.

Modern sex industry offers a lot of vibrators, just copying the penis. They come with a built-in or remote control, with wireless control and/or powered from the network. Vibrators can be not only for vaginal penetration, but also for the clitoris, for stimulation of the g-spot, for anal stimulation. In addition to them, in sex shops you can find gel vagina vibro-stimulators with a pair of processes on the sides for clitoral and anal stimulation, which are attached to the body with a help of elastic panties.

Fastened dildos (or strap-ons) perform the role of the penis, filling the time deficit due to the accelerated ejaculation of the man. Wearing the nozzle almost removes the sensitivity of the penis, which allows a man not to think about accelerated ejaculation. Performing the usual frictional movements, the partner carries out sexual intercourse until the orgasm of the woman, and if necessary, and repeats it at mutual desire.

The use of substitutes for the penis, which are dildos, STI – mulators, vibrators, strap-ons, eliminates the close contact of the penis with the car, thereby providing inhibition of ejaculation. Of course, such a surrogate sex not all women have the pleasure of someone nasty, but without it, many cannot imagine the orgasm. Switching attention from substitutes to the usual, traditional sex is quite appropriate in the presence of experience, desire and need, when the introduction of the penis into the vagina is possible at any stage of coition, which is selected by the partner’s pacification or the partner’s desire.

Landmark on repeated sex

In repeated intercourse, the sexual act is usually lengthened according to the law of “power relations”. Therefore, an excellent way to lengthen the time of the Polo act is a reference to repeated copulation, when each subsequent copulation is longer than the previous one. This is a relatively simple method, which is due to physiological reasons. It is only necessary to rest 15-30 minutes after ejaculation and then, if a man can again achieve an erection, repeat the sexual act. In each subsequent time the ejaculation threshold increases, and the subsequent coitus lasts longer than the previous one. Based on research , in repeated intercourse during the day Polo – ing the act generally extends in the half. This method is especially effective at the peak of Hyper-sexuality of a man when he is young, hot, sexually inexperienced and prone to excesses.

But not every man is capable of sexual excesses – repeated sexual intercourse, committed within one day and with the indispensable ejaculation after each coitus. Not to mention three, four, five, etc.

Sexual excesses – repeated (repeated) sexual acts committed by the husband – the rank within one day – are peculiar not to all. A. kinzi calculated half a century ago that only 55% of men under the age of 30 are able to perform repeated sexual acts, in 35— 40 years, half of them lose this ability. It is a pity, of course, but in 55-60 years it is kept by only 3% of men. According to other researchers, after 35 years, the number of those prone to excesses is only 15%. But the point is not that, but that some men can use this method, and others – no.

The ability to excesses depends on the sexual Constitution, so what is given to one, does not work for others. But in the presence of a stable erection in each subsequent sexual act, the time to achieve orgasm increases. It and to use it, setting a goal as much as possible not to ejaculate. One-time “sexual feats” can afford everyone and capable of excesses men. If you do not get an excess – you will get a prolonged sexual intercourse. It is important to know that your sex – chance feature and use it on occasion.

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