Human sexuality

Use of coarse or thick latex condoms

Thousands of years ago, our great-grandfathers used a lot of excitation brakes, prolonging their pleasure in sexual intercourse. The ancient Greeks, for example, injected the goat’s bladder into the bosom of their next chosen one before plunging a member into the vagina. The leather condom was used by the Egyptians and the Japanese (the latter called it “Kawagata”). Roman legionnaires used dried sheep guts. And today, wearing a condom (condom), made, as a rule, of coarse thick latex, a man thereby reduces the sensitivity of tender erotic endings.

Protecting sensitive cells of the penis, men consciously inhibit his arousal, and not only care about contraception. As a result, conditions are created for increasing the number of frictional movements, dulling the sensations, and ultimately for the prolongation of coition. We recall with irony the “No2 products” – condoms of the Soviet times from the Bakov factory of rubber products. But in vain, because it was the thickness of these condoms that allowed many partners to avoid complaints of short sex acts.

Now, it is not often found on the shelves of pharmacy kiosks, in ordinary stores and sex shops these historical products. But, after reading carefully the annotations to modern condoms, you can find those that are distinguished by a thick latex. Using them in sexual practice, many sexual partners will solve their problems, not looking at the erotomans slogan: “having sex in a condom is the same as inhaling the scent of a rose in a gas mask.” (For such timid people, polyurethane condoms were invented that are thinner than latex ones. They created condoms with a pocket and ribbed notches inside, enhancing pleasure. During sexual intercourse, the pocket moves, gently massaging both partners. The pocket effect thus imitates the feeling of sexual intercourse without a condom. )

On sale there are men’s latex pants with a thick condom (with a pocket for the scrotum). Condoms appeared, where the developers put a small amount of gel in the head of the rubber product, expanding the arteries and thus increasing blood flow to the penis. Applying a condom to prolong the time of sexual intercourse sometimes requires moisturizing of the vagina, for which you can use condoms with abundant lubrication, or additional lubricant consisting of water-based gel (creams), or all the same saliva.

Ruth Westheimer calls this method “rubber love” (R. Westheimer, 1997), because such sex resembles intercourse in a spacesuit, reducing sensitivity and somewhat reducing the sharpness of sensations. But, using a condom, a woman relaxes more and is quicker excited, knowing about a certain guarantee of such barrier contraception. Thanks to these and other positive properties of condoms, many couples were able to enjoy sexual intercourse for a few minutes longer than their usual time.

Using multiple condoms simultaneously

The presence of several condoms can reduce genital sensitivity during intercourse in the absence of condoms made of coarse or thick material. The essence of this technique is the same: reducing the sensitivity of the penis during erotic excitement. Of course, the selection and use of several condoms requires more care (any of them can fly off at the most inopportune moment). But this situation is in the hands of those who find it difficult to be distracted in the process of copulation for some psychological moments, controlling the degree of arousal. But constant memories of whether there is a “kolchug” in place, make it possible to count on the prolongation of sexual intercourse.

It should be noted that hypersensitive women can use this practice with their partner. By dulling her own feelings, a woman, like a man, prolongs her sexual intercourse. And by trial and error, it finds the optimal solution for itself.

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