Human sexuality

Introspection method for rapid ejaculation

Introspection (from the Latin. Introspecto – I look inside) is a method of psychology, which is also called self-observation (it can be analytical, systematic and phenomenological). It consists in observing one’s own mental processes without using any tools or standards, when the causal link of mental phenomena is directly reflected in the mind.

Observing his own sexual activity, which is directly comprehended by consciousness, a man can collect material (facts, his own assessments of what is happening) to analyze his behavior in prolonging sexual intercourse. In intimate practice, he can use this method in order to find out the peculiarities of his sexual reactions to various kinds of erotic stimuli, and ultimately present what he expects from the upcoming coitus. Depending on conditions, time for copulation, attractiveness of a partner, alcohol, the need to protect from unwanted pregnancy, prospects for the development of relationships, obligations for this evening and a number of other reasons, a man from his own experience suggests: waiting for his transient sex and long sexual intercourse.

For example, he has already met with a prostitute who paid the mentioned tax, and does not think about the impression made, knows the sequence of her manipulations, does not expect anything new and just relaxes. After discussing the monetary conditions of sexual contact, he can not think about the time of sexual intercourse, instructing all professional. In another case, at a corporate party, “by chance” being in a closed office away from colleagues with an employee, whom the man had secretly sighed for more than a month, he is focused on lightning-fast sex, because he knows that at any moment he can be prevented . His observation of such “amorous” meetings will tell him: in this case, everything will be fast.

Introspection method – a method of obtaining data. Observing his mental reactions in each specific case, a man presents a sequence of his own actions and expected results, which means that he can use the methods, methods and methods of braking ejaculation that he needs.
Examples of such may be few or many, depending on the sexual experience of men.

If he regularly analyzes his behavior while engaging in self-observation, he can build relationships that are comfortable for him and his sexual partner, reducing or increasing the time for sexual intercourse.

The use of abundant lubrication

In the previous section, we mainly talked about psychological control over ejaculation. But not all and not always help only these techniques and methods.

A significant role is played by the physiological (somatic) factors of men and women, which determine the degree of arousal due to the characteristics of their body. The abundance of erogenous zones, types of sexual constitution, knowledge and ability to technically competently conduct intercourse are of great importance in sexual life. Therefore, this section will be devoted to a slightly different direction in the inhibition of ejaculation – the technique of sexual intercourse and physiological techniques, ensuring its increase.

There are men who claim that the most opportune moment comes at the most inopportune time. This is due to the delicate and sensitive skin of the glans penis, the abundance of nerve endings on it and on the foreskin. The pronounced erogenous zones in this area and on the trunk of the penis create optimal conditions for obtaining the highest pleasure and the earliest achievement of an orgasm.

The high sensitivity of the head and foreskin of the penis can be reduced by various measures. Some of them are known from time immemorial. For example, the use of abundant lubricant during sexual intercourse reduces the friction force of the penis during frictional movements inside the vagina. Constant replenishment of the lubricant to moisturize the vagina helps to maintain the adopted rhythm, and the excitation of the glans penis is much slower than dry.

To moisturize the vagina and penis use a lot of traditional and modern products from vaseline to creams and gels, which we will talk about below in the next chapter. But the best and most reliable “grandfather’s” lubricant is normal saliva.

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