Change or alternation of poses in sexual intercourse

Monotonous “mechanical” performance of frictional movements accelerates orgasm. It is no coincidence that so many couples are experimenting in bed in search of new sensations. Among the variety of postures in copulation it is possible to find such provisions, which facilitate the man the extension of sexual intercourse and postpone the onset of ejaculation.

More often, the recommended pose, in which the male orgasm in most cases comes a little later, is a situation where the partner is on top. In this position, a man does not need to maintain his own weight. But at the same time, the man must lie passively, watching the rhythm of the sexual act of the partner and enjoying it. It is important for him to be able to relax, and with increasing excitement to focus on other subjects or distracted, as previously recommended. At the same time, it is undesirable for a man to move his pelvis energetically in this position, because he will move his body and the partner’s body, increasing muscle tension. To prolong intercourse, the strain is not welcome.

It is convenient for braking ejaculation and posture, when the man is on the side of lying next to the woman on her back. In this case, the pressure on the penis significantly decreases and its excitation slows down. Caresses, continued friction movements male performs the sexual erotic areas of the female partner and himself at this time, constrains, and extends intercourse.

For example, how to describe the lateral position of Eastern techniques:
“To achieve sexual intercourse in this position, the man pulls his leg, on which he lies, almost at right angles to his body.

The woman places her foot in contact with the bed on the husband’s taut leg, and her upper leg on his upper leg. The man’s lower arm is under her neck or shoulders. He pulls the woman to him so that eventually it will appear that he lies partially on a back and partially on a side, and she – partially on a side and partially on a stomach, and her Breasts rest on a breast of the man. The upper arms of the partners are free to control the movements of their bodies – closer or farther apart – and to caress the sexual and other sensitive areas of each other.

When approaching the bodies of a man is obliged to look for her clitoris and find a small pocket of folded flesh, in which it is. This pocket is formed at the junction of her labia. Finding it, he very gently puts the head of his excited phallus in a wet nest and leaves it there without movement. We are often asked why we recommend this unusual position when the vagina is available and ready to accept an excited penis. It is because the vagina is waiting impatiently for this that we recommend this intermediate position. After prolonged excitement, it is likely that the muscles of the vagina at the first introduction of the penis will begin to involuntarily contract. And if this happens, the stimulus provided to the penis will be so great that it is unlikely to regain control of orgasm. If the head of the penis is hidden and to some extent captured in the “hallway” of the clitoris, both partners embrace a sense of completion and after 5-10 minutes the thirst for the introduction decreases significantly, thereby reducing the possibility of involuntary contractions with the introduction of the penis.

This is exactly what needs to be done at this stage. The man removes the penis from the socket of the clitoris and again very gently and very slowly introduces it into a warm and thirsty vagina, but not more than 3 centimeters.

This is very difficult to do, because both partners are already excited enough to soon plunge into orgasm, but they must exercise strict control. It will help you greatly if both partners refrain from any other sexual stimulation; when the penis is first introduced into the vagina – no caresses and kisses. Lie together and feel the closeness of each other. Breathe deeply, which helps regain control. After about two minutes, the man removes the penis, and only his head touches his lips. Again, relax for 2 minutes and breathe deeply. Repeat. After 15 minutes of such procedures, the partners will very much want to complete the extended act of intercourse.

A man makes several small, enough rapid shocks away, until not will feel, as woman bites her nails in his back and compresses his its feet their. Is it a sign of the approaching orgasm. Then the man takes a deep glands in the vagina, releases her orgasm, holding tightly to a woman.

In this way, a man can learn to hold his orgasm for more than 15 minutes after the introduction of the penis into the vagina. This is already a significant gain, which gives confidence. But this is only the beginning. At a subsequent sexual encounter, the partners take the same lateral position, but the penis is inserted into the vagina half its length. Attention is now focused on the slowness and caution of his movements. Each stroke of the penis back and forth should take at least 3 minutes (if possible, then more) without loss of desire. This requires considerable control on the part of the partners, and the vagina should be moistened abundantly. The latter is achieved only after a long love game. If a man feels the approach of orgasm, he should withdraw the penis slowly, breathing deeply and evenly, and place the head of the penis in the slot of the clitoris, or to break contact with the woman. Deep breath and break contact with a highly stimulating vagina poses – Valyut to regain control over his orgasm within 2-3 min. Then he again repeats the procedure, the two main features of which are the introduction of the penis at half length. And its movement continues for 3 minutes or more. Again, after 15-20 minutes of these controlled movements, the partners can move to a normal orgasm by small tremors, followed by deep dives when a female orgasm approaches.

But back to the system of consecutive inputs. Still in the side position, the man makes every fourth entry complete. But again, his movements should be slow and careful, and his breathing deep. When he is sure that he can control his orgasm, every third insertion is made deep and so on until all the penis injections become deep. And it is at this stage that we recommend the favorite position of masters and Johnson, namely the top female position. We recommend to take this position in an elegant manner from the previous position on the side. In other words, the man after entering the penis into the vagina turns on his back, placing the woman on himself without interrupting sexual contact. The woman takes a comfortable position on her knees. Her legs spread out to the sides of his thighs. The man’s hands rest on her buttocks, especially when he wants to tell her whether to move faster, slower or stop altogether.”

Change of a pose or their alternation it is possible to bring down a rhythm, to calm down most or to activate the partner. By the way, it is important to remember that the missionary position to establish control over orgasm is not very successful. In this classic pose, when a man lies on a woman, there is too much pressure on both sides. Every man can choose the best position for himself, when it is convenient to control his ejaculation or to restrain the growing excitement. Having read more attentively “Kama Sutra” or having mastered Rudolf Neubert who describes more than hundred poses at sexual intercourse, having trained, having gathered experience, the man can find the variations. Change or alternation of poses in sexual intercourse, though aimed at its extension, but will not suit everyone 100%. However, many men they will help to hold out longer and push your own orgasm for a long time.

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