Human sexuality

The change or alternation of postures for the inhibition of ejaculation

Changing or alternating poses in sex is not the only technical way to avoid premature ejaculation. Some men try to prolong sexual intercourse, manipulating the pace, amplitude, tension passion copulative frictions. And doing the right thing, because change thereby the pressure on the penis, reduce momentarily its sensitivity, control the process and design the sexual act at its discretion.

The simplest method is to interrupt frictional movements for the sake of delay of ejaculation. Termination of frictions immediately after the introjection to extinction pollution – ing genital sensations allows you to enjoy the voluptuous moment, and men successfully used this technique in practice.

Lots of men have the least popular method of muting its own sensitivity – slowing friction movements, thus they increase the time Polo model act and push its culmination. Slowing down the pace of frictions with maximum muscle relaxation gives a tangible effect when there is tenderness in the sexual act, affection, when lovers enjoy every minute of bliss.

Prevent premature ejaculation, you can achieve a trivial prolongation of sexual intercourse due to one of acceptance and containment of frequency and amplitude limits. In the previous section, the Taoist instruction for beginners was mentioned, where this technique is considered, but even today each pair in copulation can suppress the rhythm of movements, restrain the pressure or limit the passion – all this will be on the hand of those who seek to inhibit ejaculation.

Many such movements, there is an interesting study. For example, without interrupting stimulation, with a deeply inserted penis into the vagina, the partner makes only short tremors, thereby prolonging the time of sexual intercourse. According to studies by Czech scientists (Z. Schnabel, 1990), this method is good for those men who have the most sensitive part is the coronal furrow of the penis head. With this technique of intercourse, the head remains in the pear-shaped area of the expanded inner part of the vagina. There she gets much less irritation because of the relatively minor contact. The base of the penis at the same time touches the orgasmic cuff of the vagina, arousing a woman with a vaginal reaction exactly where it is most sensitive. A woman with a clitoral reaction, this method gives even an advantage, because the clitoris is under more intense pressure of the base of the penis or the pubic area of the man.

Applying such a change in amplitude can achieve a significant lengthening of sexual intercourse until the orgasm of the woman. And in the latest moment to move to strong, sweeping movements with big amplitude. The onset of the culmination of the partner in such cases removes the inhibition of the man, and he calmly ejaculates.

Emotional factor in intercourse always plays a greater role than the technical and physiological, but the latter can not be overlooked by men with accelerated ejaculation. It should be remembered that the change in the amplitude and strength of tremors, the number and assertiveness of frictions in sexual games can be successful only when they bring joy, and do not turn into a strenuous effort to satisfy women.

Eastern instruction and European sexology pay great attention to frictional movements during sexual intercourse. And not only because they emphasize the importance of enjoying intercourse. On the head of the penis, the location of the erogenous zones can be uneven, and each man has his own individual characteristics. Using different types of thrusts – frictions, a man can activate or reduce the degree of excitation, thereby regulating the time of sexual intercourse or simply push the upcoming ejaculation.

When it comes to explaining the variations in style and depth of frictions, the best example is Tung Xuan zi, where the words of Li Tong Xian in seven chapters describe the thrusts of the penis that can be used by anyone:

1. Get in touch and squeeze the jade rod with a Shuttle motion back and forth, sawing the jade substance as if we were opening an oyster to get the glittering pearls. This the first style.
2. Push down to the jade substance and pull out the Golden knife (clitoris) as if splitting stones in search of beautiful jade.
3. He uses his jade rod to push hard in the direction of the clitoris, as if pounded with an iron pestle in a copper mortar.
4. He moves his jade rod back and forth, striking the left and right side of the “viewing hall” (the sides of the external organs), as a blacksmith gives shape to the iron with five hammers.
5. Jade stem and jade gate rubbing strongly and closely, as if mixed avalanches.
6. It strikes its jade rod back and forth with short and slow strokes inside the external organs as a farmer prepares the ground for a late planting.

Oriental techniques not only recommend a variety of styles of frictions, but also the correct number of strokes in perfect intercourse. Ancient literature often speaks of the “thousand love thrusts” that are necessary for the full satisfaction of women. Of course, such attention to numbers can be understood too literally, and “a thousand love jolts” may seem to a man who does not know Tao-love, rather hard work than sexual pleasure. But for someone who is experienced in Tao-love, this is not hard work, but quite the contrary. Those who have mastered it believe that a man can easily do everything in half an hour or a thousand seconds and really in a very slow rhythm.

There is a special satisfaction for a man in knowing that he can satisfy the most voluptuous woman. And this is enough to increase self-confidence, and therefore to extend the time of sexual intercourse otherwise.

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