How sex games can help avoid rapid ejaculation

Considering this method, you should pay attention to the fact that there are some terminological inaccuracies that should probably be redirected to philologists. So, many modern sexologists call the prelude to sexual actions that precede sexual intercourse, or introductory, foreplay and the creation of the mood that lead to sexual intercourse. Sexual games W. Masters and B. Johnson called the whole range of sexual activity with the exception of sexual intercourse itself. But they also stressed that sexual intercourse is not always the main event, since some couples prefer a variety of sexual activities. Some couples first commit coitus, and sex games are left for later. We are considering ways to slow down ejaculation, and in this case, sexual games before the discharge of one of the partners (or both) are a prelude.

At the stage of arousal at the beginning of sexual games in men, blood flow to the penis increases, an erection increases, followed by a desire to discharge and relieve sexual tension. Being aware of his temporary problem, a man can build a sexual scenario in such a way that: a) postpone ejaculation for an indefinite or specific time; b) to ejaculate quickly before the discharge of the partner, devoting her sex games to her; c) to achieve simultaneous orgasm. Most likely, the fulfillment of the goal of the latter scenario will be extremely difficult for the majority of women who will not be able to control themselves and it remains for him to choose one of the first two ways. But both in the first and in the second case of sexual games he cannot be avoided. Skillfully stretching the prelude (in the first scenario) or organizing sex games (in the second scenario), the man extends both his pleasant sensations and his partner. Focusing on sexual games or foreplay, he must possess a certain technique in order for the intimate communication of both to be harmonious enough.

A man prone to premature ejaculation should remember one important aspect in sexual games: he must have minimal contact of the penis with the female body, her hands or lips. In this case, the caress of a woman can be promoted according to the canons adopted in a given society, recommendations from encyclopedias or textbooks, experience of previous sexual acts, stories of “veterans of the sexual front” or comrades. Some of them believe that the excitation of the female genital organs with the hand should be minimal, with an emphasis on touching any part of the female body. But do not touch her genitals, allegedly having and preparing a woman for what will happen next. Someone concentrates on touching the genitals and at the same time caressing the breast or believes that many women start kisses of varying intensity. Someone argues that the best way to excite a woman is —Āunnilingus. For some, the most important are whispering in the eye gentle and affectionate words or selective mat.

How many people, so many opinions. But the essence of this technique remains unchanged – an increase in the degree of excitement of the partner while braking her own ejaculation. Therefore, you should do in each case at the behest of the heart, as they say in the people. At the same time, it is best not to build any temporary guidelines for affection and kisses: spontaneity and immediacy in coition are much more valuable. But you still have to take care of your control over premature ejaculation, unless you succeeded in avoiding the contact of the genitals.

Multiple combinations of arousal of different parts of the body cause different sexual reactions. This is purely individual. However, in sexual games one has to remember that the excitement of a woman is the predominant link in sexual intercourse, and a man who is prone to premature ejaculation, the intensity of caress and time for his satisfaction requires much less.

Depending on the type of character, temperament, sexual experience, age, attitudes to coitus, health, and other reasons, the time to excite a woman varies from several minutes to several hours. A man in the foreplay should often put a maximum of patience, ingenuity, effort and time to bring the woman to the degree of arousal that she needs. And here you need to do so, as in the previously adopted installation on the sexual scenario: a) get your own orgasm after a woman has achieved it; b) regardless of the difficulties with the refractory period (the decline of his arousal) to have a sexual game until the partner’s satisfaction; c) come to a simultaneous orgasm at the peak of mutual arousal.

All this can be done in various ways, including alternative methods of achieving orgasm.

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