Chlorethyl blockade

Chlorethyl blockade is a specific treatment for premature ejaculation. Being one of the methods of reflexology, such treatment of the ejaculatory component does not give negative side effects, but can bring tangible help to the patient.

This method is also called rhombus blockade. A man is treated with chlorethyl lumbosacral rhombus until a characteristic white crust appears, after which the blockade is warmed by hand until reactive redness appears. The procedure is carried out about 2-3 times a week, and the entire course requires from 5 to 14 procedures.

Cauterization of the seed tubercle

At the very beginning, in the preface, it was already pointed out that inflammatory processes in the seed tubercle are called one of the causes of premature ejaculation. In the process of intercourse in the seminal mound, where the inflammatory process arose – colliculitis, blood circulation is enhanced. With hypertrophy and inflammation of the seed tubercle, it is cauterized. As solutions for cauterization use solutions of silver or chlorhexidine bigluconate.

Prostate massage

Inflammatory processes in the prostate gland can become an organic cause of premature ejaculation. Prostate massage, the technique of which is known to any urologist, andrologist and medical sexologist, is used in the treatment of patients with ejaculatory component disorder of the copulative cycle. With prostate diseases, which can lead to accelerated ejaculation, this treatment method gives quite tangible results after several sessions.

Necrohormone therapy

This method is used in cases of detecting the cause of early ejaculation due to congenital or acquired paracentral lobe syndrome, which affects the genital and urinary bladder disorders. With this method of treatment, aggressive solutions are injected subcutaneously into the lumbosacral rhombus, for example, proserin (0.05%) or calcium chloride (10.0%). The essence of the method is that at the injection site, due to tissue necrosis, biologically active substances begin to be produced, which, acting on paracentral lobules, have an inhibitory effect on ejaculation.


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