Due to interrupted intercourse, women lose their orgasm

According to experts, more than 80% of men use interrupted sexual intercourse as protection against unwanted pregnancy. Why? The answer is obvious: if suddenly a passion covers a person, in the absence of additional means of protection, this is the only possible one. Despite the fact that doctors are categorically opposed to this incomplete sex. He is very harmful, they say.

At that moment, when a man removes a member from the vagina, the function of the prostate gland changes and it is not completely reduced. As a result, stagnant phenomena are formed that can lead to various undesirable consequences. So, approximately 50% of men who were diagnosed with prostatitis regularly practiced interrupted intercourse. Another such method of contraception can cause impotence or premature ejaculation.

Not delighted with this method of contraception and women. According to statistics, 50% of the fair sex who do not experience an orgasm used “incomplete sex.” This happens because women need more time to get an orgasm, and with interrupted sexual intercourse this time is not enough. A constant sex without orgasm negatively affects women’s health, these are pains in the lower abdomen, blood stasis and the risk of various diseases. Many scholars believe that regular practice of interrupted intercourse can lead to frigidity.

What is there, such sexual contact does not allow you to feel the whole gamut of experiences. We know that the pleasure of sex to a large extent depends on the liberation of partners. And if the couple is constantly thinking about how not to miss that very moment, then what kind of pleasure can we talk about?

Moreover, it is not always at such moments that a man can control himself, which means that there is still a risk of becoming pregnant. Of the 100 pregnant women, 38 admitted that conception occurred as a result of interruption of sexual intercourse. And the woman was aware of the consequences, but decided not to take additional measures. But you could only drink a pill of the so-called extreme contraception. Moreover, it can be used even 72 hours after a night of love. But did not drink. The result, as a rule, is sad: abortion and possible infertility.

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