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Top 5 Products for Great Sex

1. Caviar and Vodka

Italian researchers on the eve of Women’s Day made a gift to all men! It turns out that it was the combination of vodka and caviar that helped the test groups increase their sexual desire and increase their arousal by 90 percent! Researchers in shock – men rejoice. True, it is not a fact that your lady will be delighted with such exotic things. But in any case, according to Finnish scientists, men need to eat a spoonful of black (beluga) caviar before strengthening their physiological sensations during intercourse. – Caviar, as well as any other seafood, contains many trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the whole body, including the reproductive function of men, a senior researcher at the Research Institute of Urology, and a urologist. Ethyl alcohol, contained in vodka, is poison for the reproductive system, as well as for the whole organism. Apparently, the effect of vodka can be explained only by the effect of emancipation. But, as you know, it all depends on the quantity. In addition, I have not seen a single high-quality clinical trial proving the usefulness of alcohol for potency.

2. Red wine

For a romantic evening, red wine is the best suited. Not only does it contain substances that support the circulatory system and blood vessels, wine, according to Spanish scientists, helps women accumulate sexual energy. Any alcohol in small quantities inhibits the nervous system, – says a neurologist. To relieve awkwardness, this is only useful. But I want to warn men about two drinks – beer and mead. They contain a large amount of the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, the more and more often they are drunk, the worse the situation with male potency can be. And for a festive evening, this will clearly not be the best choice.

3. Seafood

As a light snack, be sure to use some shrimp, mussels, clams. All scientists – American, Australian, and British – assure men with a voice that these products, in which the zinc content goes off scale, are simply vital for maintaining sexual health. A crayfish meat with a lot of iodine and iron will help stamina and good fitness. Most seafood, due to its high zinc content, contributes to the production of testosterone in men and improves sperm quality, says a neurologist. But olives, for example, have the same properties. If you are not a fan of various marine reptiles, pay attention, for example, also to tomatoes.

4. Watermelon, chocolate and the smell of fried meat

Texas researchers claim that watermelons contain the substance citruline, which, like Viagra, helps fill blood vessels. What can not affect the potency. But now it’s only the beginning of spring, you won’t find watermelons in the afternoon with fire, so try fried meat. The meat contains thyroxine – a hormone that supports the excitability of nerve cells. By the way, Scottish scientists claim that the smell of tasty meat alone causes a rush of blood to the urogenital system of men. So, maybe you should not eat, but just smell? The smell and taste of chocolate works in approximately the same way. And it will be the perfect complement to red wine.

5. And for her – grapes, apples and pomegranates

No, it is not without reason that the beauties in harems leaned on fruit. And not only from their overabundance in warm countries. It is proved that vitamin C, contained in most of them, not only helps to maintain a flowering appearance and pleasant body odor, but also supports vigor and desire. And for example, pomegranate contains the substance hyperidin, which enhances sexual desire. In ancient Greece, pomegranate wine was called a love drink. By the way, American nutritionists strongly recommend men eat sour cabbage three times a day. In their opinion, the sour taste energetically warms the body. And this is exactly what is needed for potency. Potency is a sign of overall health, says the urologist. And if you take the eating of fruits as a prevention of vitamin deficiency and, as a result, an increase in the general level of health, this will be scientifically substantiated. But, as a rule, in one evening it is difficult to achieve any outstanding results in the sexual field due to food alone. Five more days left before the holiday. And you can recall many different national recipes for potency, for example, walnuts or sesame with honey, good tea. But the most important thing is less smoking and alcohol. And you will be happy.

Without a doubt, all of the above products are beneficial to the health of both sexual and general. But the use of the so-called aphrodisiacs once a year is a utopia. In the best case, the placebo effect will work if a person sincerely believes that oysters will help his potency. If he is afraid of failure, then no watermelons and vodka will save him. Much more exciting than food, there is a romantic atmosphere, mood and love for a partner. And the products have nothing to do with it.

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