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Aphrodisiacs for men: what is and how they work

There are many myths associated with aphrodisiacs. Can foods affect male sexuality? We will find out whether this is so and which foods enhance libido.

Who needs aphrodisiacs and why

The very word “aphrodisiac” came from the name of the goddess Aphrodite, who was revered in Greece as the patroness of love. Substances that affect sexual desire, used in ancient times, but then they were shrouded in even greater secrets. Elixirs and powders were sold by healers, helping to “bewitch” a person or strengthen marriage.

Nowadays, aphrodisiacs are not given such magical significance – their effect is understandable. These substances stimulate sexual desire by acting on the subcortical structures of the brain, increasing the sensitivity of erogenous zones and increasing blood flow. Aphrodisiacs improve the overall tone of the body and activity in the intimate sphere.

Special substances will help those who feel tired and tired, with uncertainty and stress. They are the most common cause of erection problems at a young age. Aphrodisiacs are also useful for improving sexual life in a couple.

Types of aphrodisiacs

As aphrodisiacs, many means are used: food, plants, perfumes, creams and scented candles containing special substances that excite the body.

Food is the main aphrodisiac, as it affects the entire body.

Essential oils are used for massage, added to creams, perfumes and baths.

Plants and herbal preparations are taken in the form of tea or added to the bath.

Spices and seasonings enhance not only the taste of dishes, but also the severity of sensations.

Organic products

By changing the diet, you can affect libido. Most effective are foods rich in zinc and selenium, which are necessary for the synthesis of the male sex hormone testosterone, and also containing vitamins A, B1, C and E. If an erection problem occurs due to a lack of these substances, the inclusion of these products in the diet will improve potency. Foods rich in fatty acids, such as red fish, have beneficial effects on sexual activity.

Seafood: almost all seafood contains substances necessary for men’s health, as well as easily digestible protein. Oysters and red fish are especially useful.

Spices: nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, saffron, fenugreek, cloves and cocoa increase blood circulation. Hot cayenne pepper and soft vanilla also increase sensuality.

Nuts and seeds: walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts are rich in proteins and vitamins, and pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc.

Fruits: avocados, bananas, strawberries and currants, figs, grapes or raisins. They contain many vitamins and avoid vitamin deficiency, which can lead to chronic fatigue and impaired potency. You need to be careful with fruits and observe moderation, as they contain a lot of sugar, which is more likely to harm libido.

Plant complexes

Most products are subjected to heat treatment, and a large part of the nutrients are destroyed. In addition, it is difficult to adhere to a diet that contains enough aphrodisiacs – after all, many foods are high in calories, such as bananas, nuts or honey. Others are repelled by high cost, and you can’t eat a lot of them – the same oysters or spices.

Doctor’s advice

Not without reason, many of the products containing natural aphrodisiacs have become a classic attribute of a romantic evening: baked fish or shrimp, chocolate and strawberries for dessert, a glass of red wine. By using such products, you not only tune in for a good evening, but also increase your libido.

However, this will not help much with an improper lifestyle, alcohol and nicotine abuse, and lack of physical activity. They not only affect hormone levels and well-being, but also impair blood circulation, which is important for a stable erection. Sport and preventive examination by specialists are no less important than proper nutrition.

6 best aphrodisiac products for men

1. Oysters and mussels. These foods contain maximum zinc and selenium compared to other seafood. These vitamins improve an erection, but are partially destroyed by heat treatment. Therefore, raw oysters with lemon juice are so useful – all the vitamins in them are stored.

2. Chocolate. Sometimes you can enjoy the familiar sweet, but it’s important to eat bitter chocolate with a lot of cocoa. It affects the production of sex hormones and improves mood.

3. Ginger root. It can be used as a seasoning, as well as make a drink with honey, eat dried. Ginger improves blood circulation, and blood flow to the genitals increases

4. Cardamom. Contains cineole, a substance that enhances blood flow in the pelvic organs and enhances attraction.

5. Walnuts. A small handful will be a good source of vegetable protein, and will also increase testosterone levels. True, their effect will not appear soon – you need to eat walnuts regularly and long enough.

6. Pumpkin seeds. They contain a large amount of zinc and other substances necessary for the health of the prostate gland. Pumpkin seeds are even used to make preparations for men. As with nuts, you do not have to wait for a quick result.

What is the difference between aphrodisiacs for men and women?

Women usually find it difficult to relax, so they often need funds to reduce stress, relieve fatigue and tightness. Of the products, sage, vanilla and chocolate will help, which contributes to the production of serotonin, which naturally improves mood. To maximize the disclosure of sensuality, aphrodisiacs can be used to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow to the genitals.

In men, relaxation problems are less common, usually they need additional stimulation on the contrary. Aphrodisiacs such as walnuts with honey and ginger are good for this – they increase blood circulation and increase sensitivity.

Is there a natural universal aphrodisiac?

There is no one-for-all aphrodisiac. People are different and products act on everyone differently. Also, what one person likes can push away another – for example, not everyone likes the sexually stimulating smell of vanilla.

To enhance libido, you need to eat the testicles of animals

Usually, the testes of rams or bulls are meant, explaining this by consuming an additional dose of testosterone, which they contain. This is a myth, since the hormone is destroyed by heat treatment, and in general is thus poorly absorbed.

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