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Sport and potency: what connects them?

In flight from various situations and stresses, many men clutch at dumbbells. This is an excellent “medicine”, but, most importantly, do not overdo it with the dose.

A few years ago, an international group of scientists presented shocking evidence that deep autumn depression affects mortality as well as smoking. “She has 850,000 deaths annually,” the doctors said then. However, most experts are still convinced that the notorious autumn blues are nothing more than a seasonal mental disorder. However, there is little comfort in this: it is estimated that a quarter of the country’s male population have health problems, including in intimate life, due to blues, tiredness at work, New Year’s fuss and other physical and emotional overloads.

Does sport heal or cripple?

According to experts, one of the best ways to survive the fall and cold winters is sports, and men themselves willingly sit down to exercise machines. Exercise is associated with strength, endurance, and “male health.” But often in the pursuit of muscle and sexual activity, many members of the stronger sex begin to abuse sports nutrition and drugs to increase stamina. But far from all of them are harmless and can disrupt the digestive system, as well as adversely affect the general condition of the body, including sexual life. It’s all about the composition of these drugs. To build muscle and quickly restore strength, they add proteins, soy protein, gluten (water-insoluble protein) and other components, not to mention the fact that so far many sports nutrition systems work on steroids.

The harm of anabolic steroids is known to everyone, but the side effects of a protein diet are sometimes silent. In principle, proteins are safe for absolutely healthy people, but if there are kidney problems or individual protein intolerance, then the drug is contraindicated. You should also monitor the quality of the protein: cheap drugs may contain questionable supplements, up to the same steroids. Gluten is also an ambiguous component: in some men, the digestive system is not able to perceive it, which causes flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and sometimes even a decrease in muscle mass, that is, it has the opposite effect.

Worst of all, soy protein. The fact is that it contains phytoestrogens, similar to the female hormones estrogen. According to research results, these plant compounds with steroid-like effects affect sperm quality in men, reduce potency and even lead to infertility, as researchers at Queen’s University in Belfast found out.

Another reason for the weakening of potency is the inability of some men to dose the load and rest properly after them: sleep more, eat well, walk in the fresh air. But there is a direct connection between the lack of recovery and erection: like stress, stress affects the general condition of the body and, accordingly, all its functions, including sexual.

How to stay a man?

To maintain health, not to succumb to autumn gloom and, most importantly, to be strong both physically and in bed, you need to follow simple rules.

Firstly, despite all the love for meat, add fresh vegetables to the diet.

Secondly, prudently choose stamina enhancing drugs. You should avoid those that contain steroids, cheap protein, soy protein, gluten and other dangerous components. It is better to opt for natural remedies. For example, plant extract helps to build muscle mass, restore the overall tone of the body and libido, which effectively eliminates physical and “male” fatigue. Due to its composition, the drug also prevents atherosclerosis – the cause of impotence in 60% of cases.

Thirdly, as doctors advise, to have sex. So far, only 13% of men have resorted to this method of dealing with spleen in the United States, but experts hope that soon this dynamics will go up.

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