Sexual life of a man

Destroying Potency Myths

– In young people with potency, everything is always in order.

Unfortunately, it is not. Increasingly, erection problems occur in young people. They are associated with psychological reasons – stress, neuropsychic overwork, excessive excitement, self-doubt. Also, the causes of potency disorders in young people are drugs, alcohol, smoking, infectious and inflammatory diseases. “Rejuvenated” obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus contribute to undermining the sexual health of young people.

– By the age of 40, everyone begins to have problems with potency, and men closer to 70 and older only have to remember sex.

It is not true. Of course, with age and with accumulated diseases and bad habits, erection problems are observed in many, but not all, people. If a man maintains his health, leads an active lifestyle, then he is capable of a long and full sexual life. Many men of venerable age not only allow themselves to have wives and mistresses suitable for them as daughters and even granddaughters, but also to have healthy children from them.

Potency myths related to human anatomical features

– Potency depends on the length of the penis, the length of which, in turn, is directly proportional to the length of the nose.

For men, the magnitude of their “masculine dignity” has an important psychological significance, no doubt. However, the onset of an erection and the ability to have full sexual intercourse are completely independent of the size of the penis. As for the ability to satisfy women, here, too, almost always everything depends not on the parameters of the penis (moreover, thickness is more important than length), but on how skillfully the owner of this body owns it.

By the way, the length of the penis has nothing to do with the length of the nose.

– The strongest men in bed are short, short-legged and stocky balding (or bald) brunettes with increased body hair and limbs.

Even scientists agree with this statement. There are 3 types of male sexual temperament – strong, medium and weak. Temperament depends on the genotype and hormonal background. The above description just corresponds to a strong sexual type.

Myths about potency associated with the frequency of sexual intercourse

– A man in his life can only perform 5400 ejaculations, after which impotence inevitably occurs.

Back in the 19th century, a certain scientist Effertz suddenly decided for some reason that mother nature singled out exactly this number of ejaculations during the life of every man. This statement has long been refuted; male sperm is produced continuously, as it is removed. However, many are still trying to frantically count all their ejaculations, with horror expecting the onset of five thousand four hundred.

– The more often a man has sex, the stronger his potency becomes.

For good potency, the frequency is not so much important as the regularity of sexual intercourse. The need for sex depends on the sexual constitution of men. The strong type needs several sexual intercourse every day, and the weak can be enough once a week, and in both cases this will be the norm for this individual and will only benefit. If a man of a weak type tries, by force of his nature, to commit a much greater number of sexual intercourse than is necessary for him and is possible by his temperament, then he will receive exclusively nervous and physical exhaustion.

– A complete lack of sex can lead to impotence.

For healthy men, the absence of sex for a long time (sexual withdrawal) does not threaten impotence. There are mechanisms that allow the male body to regulate sperm production and release during periods of high sexual activity and prolonged abstinence. After sexual abstinence, the body will gradually enter a normal rhythm, and even, perhaps, an erection that has weakened for a while will be restored.

However, for men who have health problems, potency is not so simple. Prolonged abstinence can have quite negative consequences, up to irreversible, requiring medical intervention. Genital congestion and nervous disorders may appear. After the termination of sexual abstinence in such men, a normal sexual life will improve slowly, with difficulty.

It is believed that prolonged abstinence is much worse tolerated by people with a strong sexual constitution.

And here it is just to all the sufferers that the good old masturbation, which has been unfairly accused of all mortal sins for a very long time, can come to the rescue. It will ease the pangs of abstinence, relieve tension, stress, “unload the brain” and protect it from stagnation. Thus, by the way, another myth will be dispelled – that masturbation leads to impotence. On the contrary, she takes her away!

The myth of the potency and number of sexual partners

– Sexual life with one woman leads to a weakening of male power. The more sexual partners, the stronger the potency and the longer sexual activity.

Yes, time changes everything. The old passion disappears, desire disappears with an erection. Everything is already familiar and familiar, I want something new, exciting and exciting. It is especially difficult for couples whose passion has burnt out before they have developed into something more. It seems to many that the situation will be saved by the frequent change of women, a new love, violent emotions. However, here is not so simple. You need to get used to the new partner again, learn and adapt to it. And the presence of problems with an erection will add excessive nervousness, uncertainty in success. This can lead to a fiasco that would be forgiven by a wife or old friend, but capable of putting a bullet in the nascent relationship.

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