Premature ejaculation

Myths about potency and healthy living

– Athletes, as well as people leading a healthy lifestyle without bad habits, do not have setbacks in bed.

Unfortunately, arise. From nervous tension, stress, prolonged abstinence, for example. From excessive physical exertion, lack of sleep. Another thing is that these are temporary violations that occur after the elimination of the negative factor and the restoration of the body.

With professional athletes, again, everything is more complicated. In big sport, colossal loads on the body, there is no place for bad habits, but there is often no power left for sex.

Of course not. Provided that the person is engaged in the gym wisely, without excessive fanaticism, with a professional trainer, without taking anabolics and other chemicals. He will not only not lose potency, but will receive a healthy, beautiful and sexually attractive body.

Separately, we need to talk about teenage boys. They with their youthful maximalism and desire to get everything and at once can cause irreparable harm not only to their sexual health, but also to the whole body, doing uncontrollably or under the supervision of charlatans from sports. Excessive physical exertion, the intake of hormones and other chemicals disrupt proper growth, the formation of the adolescent’s body and can undoubtedly lead to impotence in adulthood.

– Professional drivers, car owners, who spend most of their lives driving a car, risk their masculine power.

It’s true. Stagnation in the pelvic organs, including the genitals, hypothermia (and heated chairs, by the way, can lead to male infertility) very often result in inflammatory diseases, prostatitis, which leads to impotence. In the same risk group, men leading a sedentary, “sedentary” lifestyle.

– Excess weight leads to a decrease and complete loss of potency.

Yes. Men are much more frightened than women than women. Men are created by nature to fight, protect, prey. Created to be thin. This woman will not be prevented by a few extra pounds (within reason), for carrying and feeding a child. Excess weight leads to high blood pressure, disruption of the cardiovascular system, and diabetes. All this causes diseases of large and small blood vessels. But an erection directly depends on the blood supply to the penis. Obesity leads to hormonal disruptions, in particular, to a decrease in the level of testosterone – the most important male hormone.

– Alcohol and drugs excite and help gain self-confidence and achieve sexual victories.

A glass of red wine would be good for a romantic meeting. But nothing more and nothing but. Alcohol is poison for brain cells and gonads. In beer, so beloved among young people, among other things, contains a large number of female sex hormones. They gradually turn a man into a woman. With all the consequences.

Drugs – the strongest poison, extremely quickly acting on the whole body and sexual function as well. Hookah smoking leads to impotence. Cigarettes kill blood vessels, and also an erection.

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