Premature ejaculation

Myths about potency and nutrition

– Vegetarianism leads to impotence.

For the normal production of hormones, including sex, the human body needs a complete protein, essential amino acids, and fats. And with a vegetarian diet, it is impossible to get all the necessary substances. Therefore, vegetarianism, and especially veganism, can lead to a violation of potency and health in general.

– Strengthening male power contributes to the use of certain foods.

Yes, there are products that improve potency. These are seafood, for example, oysters, mussels, shrimps. This is fish – tuna, flounder, mackerel. These are vegetables such as celery, onions, garlic, tomatoes, pumpkin, turnips. This is greenery. These are fruits and dried fruits – citrus fruits, figs, bananas, strawberries, red grapes, plums, apricots. These are nuts, seeds. Cocoa products. Eggs (quail are very much appreciated). Cheeses and dairy products. Red meat. In some nations, to increase male strength, they use the stomach of a camel and even the sexual glands of animals, for example, bulls and rams.

All these products in large quantities contain minerals, hormones, vitamins necessary to maintain potency and overall health. But you need to understand that none of these products is a panacea, each has its own contraindications and each of them should be consumed in moderation, not overeating and not abusing.

The most important thing for maintaining health is a full balanced diet, natural, without chemical additives, rich in vegetables and fruits, with moderate consumption of protein products. The exception is very fatty, smoked food, fast food, convenience foods, soda, restriction of flour products and sweets.

– The loss of “male abilities” indicates serious health problems that simply have not yet revealed themselves openly.

Not necessarily, but often true, especially in older men. Problems with the blood supply to the heart and brain already exist, but the first noticeable malfunction manifests itself precisely as a violation of potency. Vascular disorders in the genitals like litmus indicate the presence of the same disorders in other organs and tissues. Therefore, you need to see a doctor to establish not only sexual health, but also to conduct a preventive examination of the whole organism.

– In the presence of certain diseases, a person will certainly become impotent.

There are such very serious diseases that lead to a deterioration in the general condition of the body and to impotence. This, for example, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, kidney disease, cirrhosis. Of course, in severe, neglected cases, the above statement is true, but in such cases, the person is definitely not up to sex, the question is about life and death. But if you do not take it to extremes, consult a doctor on time and conduct adequate treatment of the underlying disease, then problems with an erection will be solved. Indeed, for example, vascular atherosclerosis, leading to impaired blood flow, to heart attacks and strokes, is also the cause of erectile dysfunction. With diabetes, blood vessels also suffer, which means competent treatment of diabetes, adherence to a diet, following all the doctor’s instructions will restore the vessels that are responsible for potency.

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