Premature ejaculation

Potency Recovery Myths

– Impotence is not treated.

It is treated. It is treated medically, surgically, even in a word. Cases are now being cured for which no one would have taken up before. In approximately 90% of patients seeking help, potency is restored.

– To be always on top, you need to periodically inject yourself with testosterone.

Potency disorders are not always and not only associated with a decrease in testosterone. If in a particular case, the analysis showed an insufficient amount of this hormone in the body of a man, this is such a serious drug that only a competent and experienced doctor should prescribe it and select a dosage.

– There is a magic pill that will solve all problems.

There is no panacea for all diseases in the world.

There are many reasons for weakening an erection. First of all, the doctor must understand the cause of the disorder. And if someone needs a certain pill, then the second is completely different. Or a different dosage is needed. Or just a person needs to work with a psychologist. Or relax, sleep, heal nerves, lose weight and establish a lifestyle. And only surgery will help someone.

All people are different – healthy and sick, young and old, peppy and tired, thin and full. And everyone needs to be more attentive to themselves and their health and trust it only to qualified doctors.

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