Premature ejaculation

Is baby masturbation normal or not?

Parents may accidentally witness their child masturbating. A lot of bad thoughts immediately appear in my head. But only a few are resolved to consult with a specialist, referring to the fact that this seems to be an indecent problem. Let’s figure out today whether it is worth worrying about child masturbation and what to do in incomprehensible cases.

What scientists say

Doctors insist that there is nothing wrong with children’s masturbation. This is a certain stage of self-knowledge, study of your body.

In addition, masturbation in childhood is not accompanied by the same sensations as in adulthood. The child does not experience sexual arousal. By touching their genitals, a girl or boy can enjoy only pleasant tactile touches. During this period, no sexual thoughts appear in the head.

Thus, baby masturbation is in most cases a way of knowing your body and sex differences, as well as a method of getting pleasant sensations. To calm down even more, pay attention to whether the child can enjoy ordinary things, whether he communicates with peers, whether he is interested in what is happening. Normally, the teenager is happy, cheerful and sociable.

What can be done and what is prohibited

The main rule that parents must remember is that if they suddenly find a child doing “this” case, then in no case start scolding and shaming him. This behavior can develop a negative attitude towards the genitals and sex in the future. You just need to silently leave the room so that the child does not notice you. If you suddenly notice, then just apologize for entering without knocking and do not do this in the future.

Some children rub their genitals in public. In this case, the child needs to be explained that it is personal and cannot be displayed.

Remember that sometimes children can use masturbation to reduce their anxiety. Therefore, you can offer another way of discharge.

When there is cause for concern

Evaluate the 3 main aspects to decide if you need specialist help:

1. Nothing other than masturbation gives the child pleasure. If there is a choice between masturbation and fun, the former is preferred.

2. The child’s behavior is seriously impaired. Aggressiveness, nervousness, irritability, unwillingness to communicate with peers, repeated senseless movements, etc. are noted.

3. The child causes himself physical suffering in the process of masturbation (as a result, scratches and wounds appear). In this case, there may be an inflammatory process on the genitals, which is accompanied by itching, discomfort or pain. To exclude the pathology of the reproductive system, first of all, it is worth contacting a gynecologist for girls or a urologist for boys.

If you notice that masturbation has begun to play a dominant role in the child’s life, and his behavior has changed, then sign up for a consultation with a psychologist or neurologist. The specialist will help to distinguish the norm from the pathology and will carry out differentiated treatment.

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