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Averse therapy is another way to help premature ejaculation

Aversive therapy may help in the treatment of premature ejaculation. This technique is based on a combination of attractive and desirable with painful, unpleasant, disgusting stimuli. With appropriate technical ingenuity for the treatment of premature ejaculation, you can create a technique based on the principle of preventing exposure to an aversive stimulus.

Most authors recognize the possibility and necessity of its application, but some of them criticize this technique for ethical reasons. When using this technique in treatment, an aversive stimulus should be applied immediately after the reaction to be extinguished. In our case, we are talking about the fact that on the plateau phase for a certain time before the ejaculation, a negative signal should be transmitted to the man, inhibiting the excitement or distracting him from direct intercourse. Thus, perhaps, through disgust, he can be weaned from sexual dysfunction.

For example, you should put earphones on the man’s head, and connect a device for measuring the voltage of the penis — the plethysmograph — to the penis. At the time of critical stress, when the excitement becomes critical, the man receives a signal in the headphones that distracts him from continuing frictional movements (a loud unpleasant sound, a strict psychotherapist command, etc.). As a result, a shift in ejaculation or its delay in time is possible. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the man, the therapist’s reaction, the accuracy of determining the signal delivery time.

Experts believe that at the first stage it is necessary to apply a constant quenching scheme, gradually moving to the irregular use of an aversive stimulus. Treatment should continue some time after the symptom disappears. An adequate indicator for discontinuing treatment is the occurrence of adaptive behavior. Using this technique implies agreement in the work of the man himself, his partner, and clearly pronounced premature ejaculation. The use of electric discharges, disgusting sexual manifestations, unpleasant actions of a partner that cause negative stimuli in this technique is not welcome, because all this can lead to the extinction of an erection not only with subsequent fixation at a controlled moment, but also for other situations. Then do not treat this man! Perhaps, therefore, this technique does not find wide application in psychotherapeutic practice.

As an example of how the method of weaning (aversive therapy) is used with other diseases, we can cite the case of the patient, which is described on the Internet. There, the woman suffered from hysterical paralysis of the legs and loss of sensation in the legs. Electrodes were placed on the legs and two fingers of her hands: on the fingers — electrodes through which the patient could receive a painful electric discharge, and on her legs — electrodes, through which weak electrical stimulation was carried out, which was captured while maintaining sensitivity and was not painful. The patient was instructed: if you have any sensations from the electrodes on your legs, press the switch, otherwise after 5 seconds a strong, painful electric discharge to the fingers will follow. The patient had to solve the problem of distinguishing a weak stimulus, involuntarily lowering the threshold of pain sensitivity. During the first procedure, the patient did not experience any avoidance reactions, and she received several painful electric shocks. During the second procedure, after the first electric discharge, pronounced autonomic reactions and even vomiting appeared. During the third procedure, the patient pressed the switch button twice in a row, preventing the supply of a painful electric discharge in time, and noted that she had sensation in her legs. At the same time, she had arbitrary movements in her legs, and the patient was able to independently go to the ward. Subsequently, there was no relapse of symptoms, and after a few days she was discharged.

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