Human sexuality

Causing pain instantly stop premature ejaculation

Inhibition of sexual arousal can be accomplished not only in the ways described above, but also in other, quite radical for those who are extremely sensitive to pain. In moments of relaxation and sensual pleasure, an unexpected blow or bite can instantly stop the increase in erotic arousal. The situation resembles a driver who falls asleep at the wheel: he abruptly stings himself, switches on loud music, that is, he does his best not to fall asleep. Similarly, in this technique: independently or with the help of a partner, a man receives a painful impulse. It is desirable that this signal came to him before passing the very point of tension, when orgasm is inevitable.

If a woman hurts her partner at the time before an orgasm, then a negative reaction will not take long to wait. Most of those who do not consider themselves to be masochists know from their own experience: with such an effect, arousal decreases. The main thing here is to point the partner in time to the very moment when it is necessary to bite, scratch and hit. This is desirable to agree with each other in advance, explaining where and how best to make an impact and use for training purposes. And in the future, use this technique in the course of sexual games in family-marriage relations.

Some men independently use this method, giving themselves pain at the right moment for them, thereby prolonging the time of sexual intercourse. Someone pinching himself, someone squeezes the base of the penis, someone stabs his fingernail or signet.

This type of sexual games in antiquity in the East paid considerable attention. Hindus, for example, had eight kinds of scratches: “sounding”, “crescent”, “circle”, “line”, “tiger claw”, “peacock’s foot”, “hare jump”, “blue lotus leaf”. Scratches – armpits, chest, neck, back, lower part and hips, and sometimes it is not known where. They believed that there was no other, more suitable way to increase the attraction, as the actions performed by the nails and teeth.

“Hidden,” “swollen,” “point,” “chain of points,” “coral and jewel,” “chain of jewels,” “broken cloud,” “wild boar,” as they called various types of bites.
Striking is also an integral part of sex games. Places of blows – shoulders, head, hollow between the breasts, back, lower part, sides. Associated with the feeling of pain, these blows were divided into four types: the back of the hand, the bent palm, the fist, and the straightened palm.

There is no strict sequence for applying scratches, punches and bites, because they are resorted to because they are driven by desire. All of them are applicable at all times, because the attraction does not pay attention to anything, wrote in the Kama Sutra. But, knowing the peculiarities of the reaction to sexual stimulation, our contemporaries successfully use these species in order to both increase attraction and decrease arousal.

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