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Does a man need time control during sex?

The previous reasoning led us to the idea that the essence of premature ejaculation primarily consists in the absence of male control over the ejaculation reflex and high sensitivity of the glans penis. But then two questions arise. Is it worth controlling the natural process of sexual satisfaction?

If it is, then what are the time points of premature ejaculation? These questions are logical only because the word “premature” (or “accelerated”) implies the time to be found, after which, ejaculation (ejaculation) will not be considered early.

There are men who too quickly reach orgasm with some partners, but with others they do not have such a problem. In addition, some men quickly ejaculate only during sexual intercourse, but they can masturbate for hours. Others complain that they reach orgasm too quickly, but then it turns out that this is a half-hour sexual intercourse.

In answering these questions, it seems important to outline temporary guidelines, since there are definitions of sexual acts, such as short, normal, prolonged, prolonged. Assume: 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 1 h.

This is what happens? Call the number and the question is clear ?! Who does not fall into the time interval, he lost! And who got it won ?!

How simple it would be if the problem were solved only in this way …

However, there was a period when the majority thought so. Standardized the time spent on sexual intercourse. They divided men according to the severity of the disease, etc. Only in the middle of the last century, these figures were collected to explain the physiological processes, and not to determine the normative standards of behavior.

Many scientists have counted the average time from introduction to discharge and the number of frictions spent on this process in different ways. Therefore, the digital range of the norm among various researchers loomed quite widely.

In scientific and fiction literature there are cases when couples or sexual partners have had sex with each other for only a few seconds, and there were no complaints, no one felt discomfort. To this day, some European sexologists believe that it is possible to talk about premature ejaculation when a man’s sexual intercourse lasts no more than 1 minute. This minute appeared in the seventies, when the shortest intercourse in the examined men was 1 min 14 s. This is approximately 68 friction movements. British researchers have estimated that in men suffering from premature ejaculation, ejaculation occurs on average up to 1.8 minutes from the start of sexual intercourse. American researchers William Masters and Verginia Johnson considered premature ejaculation in cases where a man in half of sexual intercourse is unable to cause sexual satisfaction in his partner. But they themselves also stressed that this criterion largely depends on the woman’s sexual reactivity, which can vary considerably. They note only 10% of cases with an extreme situation in which a man ejaculates during sex games, not having time to insert the penis into the vagina or when trying to do it.

The average duration of the friction stage of the copulative cycle of a man is 2 min 2 s, or 62 frictions – movements back and forth. On the Internet, figures appeared showing the duration of the average sexual intercourse of a man: 5–10 minutes, 10–15 minutes. There are “landmarks” higher. And watching films of an erotic or pornographic nature create the impression of the infinity of this process.

The answer to these questions is simple. If the sexual reactivity of the man as a whole is normal, and he wants to prolong the sexual intercourse, then time is limited to achieving sexual satisfaction with the partner. I note, satisfaction, and not necessarily orgasm. It must also be remembered that in men, the sensation of orgasm, regardless of the sexual satisfaction of the partner, is stronger when it is not forced, but achieved in a gradual increase in sexual arousal.

Both in the West and in the East, the opinion was affirmed that the main factors pushing back premature ejaculation are control over ejaculation and the ability to reduce sexual arousal at various stages of the copulatory cycle preceding the male orgasm.

Summing up the reasoning about time, it is worth noting that there is no need to think about specific numbers. It is most likely to listen to the international classification of diseases of the 10th revision, where premature ejaculation is the inability to control ejaculation to the extent that would be sufficient for both partners to receive satisfaction from sexual intercourse regardless of the time of the friction period.

At the same time, the dissatisfaction of one of the partners with the time of sexual intercourse requires certain measures to prolong the sexual intercourse. There are many such measures. In different countries and among different nations, over the years of sexual practice, recommendations of a sociocultural nature have accumulated to prolong sexual intercourse and harmonize sexual relations. Modern medicine, using a wealth of experience in healing sexual function, offers its solutions to problems with accelerated ejaculation. Almost every couple or family can share psychological recommendations on this topic.

We tried to analyze this experience in the present work and to offer those methods of prolonging sexual intercourse that will help the reader to overcome premature ejaculation.

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