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Does sexual abstinence affect a man’s health?

Sexual abstinence seriously affects men’s health. This fact is indisputable for some, but is it really so? This question worried physicians since ancient times, and the Greeks were the first to introduce such a term as “spermotoxicosis”. Allegedly, a man’s body, under certain circumstances, can be poisoned by his own sperm.

How does prolonged abstinence affect a man’s health?

Today it has been proven that a man cannot be poisoned with semen. And although for some, abstinence is harmful and seriously affects the psychological state, but nothing more. Although there are pluses: in this case, the risk of contracting infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted is minimal. These are diseases such as: syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, hepatitis B. Yes, hormonal levels can change, but this does not affect a person so much that he changes his behavior.

Previously, it was believed that how a woman feels depends on her sexual activity. Aggressiveness, irritability, quarrelsomeness of character were explained by the altered hormonal background. But this version is not confirmed, and many of the fair sex go without sex for a long time and do not notice any consequences. Not everyone responds in the same way to the absence of sexual intercourse. For some, it is insignificant, and the absence of such contacts is painless.

We can only talk about the psychological background of the problem. So, there may be uncertainty in their abilities, a feeling of uselessness, loneliness, but the absence of an intimate relationship does not affect health in any way.

For a healthcare professional, everything is clear enough in this matter, but the myth that abstinence can cause illness is quite common among ordinary people. It is worth dispelling this misconception, since there can be no toxic effect of sperm and eggs on the body. Like any other cells, they have a lifespan, and after destruction they are removed from the body.

If abstinence caused pathological changes, then diseases would attack people who are forced to do without sexual intercourse for a long time, and there are many of them. These are the military, the ministers of the church, etc. But there is also a reverse side of the problem.

There are men who have high testosterone levels and need an active sex life. There may be physiological consequences of abstinence: impaired erectile function, problems with reproductive function, and scientists are still arguing about the possibility of getting prostatitis, but opinions differ. On average, a man can easily do without sex for 1-2 months, and almost any normal person is able to cope with his desires.

Abstinence does not lead to various kinds of perversions, socially unacceptable sex drives can be associated with mental health, and the fact of the influence of abstinence on the psyche has not been proven.

Another of the claims that is considered recognized by doctors concerns masturbation. Until several centuries ago, this act was considered a serious sin, and the church supported and instilled this opinion. But today it has been proven that masturbation is not harmful to health, but only a kind of form of sexual activity. People who are prone to self-satisfaction are lonely, or this type of sexual activity is an addition to the intimate life of quite prosperous married couples.

Intimate relationship

If we remember how our ancestors lived, then we can note the fact that people got married and got married quite early. And there is a completely reasonable explanation for this: extra working hands were needed, it was hard to feed. Previously, a girl who crossed the eighteen-year-old line without a pair was considered too late in the girls. Now there is no such thing as an “old maid”, since morals have changed, relationships have become different, and it is almost impossible to meet a woman over 40 without experience in intimate matters. It has become the norm to start early sexual activity. But if this does not happen so early, then this may indicate that a person has quite serious requirements for a partner, and such people will not build relationships based only on attraction. Everyone decides for himself how and when to start sex, and there is no definite framework.

Often, athletes, especially if they have to fight with rivals in serious competitions, believe that intimate relationships affect the results. Even doctors believed for a long time, and this myth took root, athletes were prohibited from any contact. However, it has been proven that all previous sacrifices were in vain. Relationships between partners cannot adversely affect the body, on the contrary, the general tone rises, hormones stimulate its work, and the mood rises. We are arranged so that everything in the body functions with a reasonable approach, and if a man does not have sexual intercourse, then the body stops producing biological material in the same amount. A man, deprived of them for a while, when circumstances change, will again become as active as before, no pathological changes occur.

It is worse when abstinence is not in question, and the absence of sexual intercourse is associated with illness. In this case, it is required to visit a doctor; consultation of narrow specialists may be required. The process of restoring body functions is long, requiring effort and patience. If there is a malfunction in the reproductive system, then a spermogram, biochemical analysis, MAR test will help to identify the problem. Based on the research, the doctor will determine the state of the reproductive system and give recommendations.

But there is a category of patients for whom abstinence is indicated. These are patients with cardiovascular diseases, hypertensive patients, people suffering from neuroses. After intercourse, a man always feels weak, as he spends a lot of energy, for a while his immune status may even decrease. Blood pressure often rises, so older people should treat this issue with reasonable restraint. If spouses dream of a baby, then it is useful to abstain for a certain time in order to increase the chances of conceiving a child.

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