Premature ejaculation

How does a common cold affect semen?

The causes of colds can be bacterial (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, etc.) and viral infections (various types of ARVI, influenza). The viruses that cause influenza are particularly aggressive, and the disease itself is often associated with complications. The body directs all its protective functions to fight the uninvited guest, distracting from the reproduction process. Thus, viral infections, including influenza, affect the quality of sperm in the most negative way – the number of immature forms and sperm with damaged DNA increases. The stronger the cold, the more negative effect it has on spermatogenesis. Spermogram for colds reflects an inadequate picture.

Fever is often associated with colds. And as we know, even a slight increase in body temperature for just a few hours is detrimental to sperm. The optimum temperature for the spermatogenesis process is 33-34 ℃, which is why the testicles are taken out of the body. Therefore, it is better not to take a spermogram for a cold accompanied by fever.

How long does it take?

How quickly does the body recover from an illness? Even if the symptoms are eliminated and the general condition is satisfactory, this does not mean at all that the process of spermatogenesis has returned to normal. A spermogram for a cold shows that the negative consequences of a previous illness can manifest themselves within two or even three months. Spermatogenesis lasts 70-80 days, and cells at different stages of formation and development can undergo a destructive effect.

As a result of the disease, the content of immature forms of spermatozoa increases in the semen, which is clearly visible on the spermogram for colds. But this is not the most unpleasant thing. Worst of all, the virus can damage the DNA molecule contained in the sperm head. If fertilization occurs with such a cell, it is fraught with miscarriages, fading pregnancy, stopping the development of the embryo, and even cancer.

In order for the body to fully recover from the stress suffered, at least three, and preferably 6 months must pass.

Severe bacterial upper respiratory tract infections are often treated with antibiotics, which in turn also negatively affect sperm quality. When prescribing drugs, you need to ask your doctor how long they are excreted from the body.

Many are interested in whether it is possible to take a spermogram for a cold or not? As you can see, for the above reasons, this is undesirable, since the result will be obtained with significant distortions. And this, in turn, is fraught with the appointment of inadequate treatment, which at best will not be beneficial, and at worst – can harm the body.

How is it treated?

No specific treatment is required. The body will recover on its own, provided that there are no complications that can affect the genitourinary sphere.

If a couple is planning a pregnancy, this process needs to be very carefully prepared. You should start with streamlining your lifestyle – getting rid of bad habits, avoiding overheating, psycho-emotional stress. If during the planning of pregnancy there was a cold, it is recommended to take a spermogram for a cold and in a healthy state – so the clinical picture will be the most complete. The more carefully the stage preceding conception is planned, the higher the likelihood of a quick onset and easy pregnancy, and most importantly, the birth of a healthy baby.

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