Premature ejaculation

Hypnosis Treatment Method for Premature Ejaculation

Hypnotherapy stands out among the methods of treating premature ejaculation. Confirmation of this is that quite often sexual disorders in men and women are a consequence of neurosis, neurotic conditions and other depressive disorders, or, conversely, existing sexual disorders secondary neurotize the patient.

Hypnosis is a special psychological state that occurs under the influence of a directed psychological effect on the part of another person, a condition similar to natural sleep, when censorship of consciousness does not fully or partially function. Hypnosis usually occurs as a result of special manipulations or the effects of the hypnotist, and can also be achieved through targeted self-hypnosis.

There are many ways to hypnotize. They are carried out by affecting the visual, auditory and skin analyzers. When using the method of fixing the gaze, for example, the hypnotized person is offered to focus his eyes on any particular part or point (finger, metal ball, etc.). The resulting natural fatigue of the eyes and the desire to close them contribute to the onset of sleep. With the method of fascination, the patient is asked to stare into the eyes of the hypnotic without blinking, while the hypnotist is looking at the nose of the patient. Some experts use the soporific effect of monotonous sounds: dripping water, a metronome, surf, etc. In the pass method (it was used, for example, by Mesmer), the hypnotizing one passes several times with the palm of his hand with fingers wide apart along the face and body of the hypnotized one, without touching him, from head to foot. Thus, allegedly, acting on the patient with “magnetic fluids”.

It doesn’t matter what method is used, but sent verbal formulations are sent that describe the sensations experienced by a falling asleep person: “Relax your muscles. Lie perfectly calm. Try not to think about anything. Listen carefully to what I will tell you. You have a desire to sleep. Your eyelids become heavier and gradually lower. A feeling of pleasant warmth spreads throughout the body. More and more relax the muscles of the arms, legs, the whole body. The muscles of the face, neck muscles relax, the head goes deeper into the pillow. You want to sleep. Now I will begin to count, and as I spend this account, approaching ten, the desire to sleep will increase more and more, more and more. When I call the number ten, you will fall asleep. ”

Hypnosis may be one of the most effective treatments for premature ejaculation. It is based on the suggestion to a person who is in a state of hypnotic sleep, certain information or an algorithm of actions. For example: “I can love this woman for a long time”, “I can control my ejaculation”, “My sexual intercourse lasts a long time”, etc. But hypnotizing specialists who can solve this sexual dysfunction in this way in our country the author of this book has not met.

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