Premature ejaculation

Psycho-training to reduce the level of fear of imminent ejaculation

Psychotraining is a common form of psychological correction of personality behavior. They are held in a group or in person and are usually dedicated to a specific problem. Since we are exploring ways to prolong sexual intercourse, we will consider such an event from the perspective of a specialist who solves the problems of premature ejaculation personally with the patient.

The structure of such training may look as follows:
1. The concept of premature ejaculation and the achievement of sexual harmony in sexual relations (classes 1-3).

– familiarization with the concepts of “premature ejaculation”, “erection”, “sexual harmony”, “comfort”, “couple”, “short sexual intercourse”;
– A discussion of the manifestations of psychosexual activity in modern society and the temporal characteristics of sexual intercourse (depending on the social, national and religious affiliation of a man, types and types of sexual activity, features of sexual intercourse and possible ways to correct it should be considered).

2. Love, sympathy, favor, comfort, tolerance towards oneself and one’s partner (lessons 4-6).


– the development of their own hedonistic feelings and ability to enjoy both individually and in pairs;
– awareness of the variety of sexual actions of the personality of each participant and the whole group (if several people participate in the training);
– development of the ability to introspection, self-knowledge, acceptance of other sexual behavior and skills of conducting an internal positive dialogue about oneself and one’s sexual activity;
– the formation of a positive attitude towards a sexual partner (partner) and his sexual desires;
– increase self-esteem through receiving positive support from the group.

3. Acceptance of acceptable sexual activity between partners, lengthening the time of their sexual intercourse (classes 7-10).


– training in constructive ways out of conflict situations, the expression of their feelings and feelings without conflict and disappointment;
– the development of sexual fantasy, imagination, trust, the ability to listen to another person, the ability to empathy, empathy, empathy;
– development of communication skills and forms of sexual activity in the art of love;
– training in adequate behavior in inter-sexual relations, methods of surrogate orgasm achievement and skills to obtain it with harmonious sexual actions (touching, affection, words, actions).

After such a training, each participant is able to solve his problem. If you want to participate in new trainings. A man will at least increase his sexual awareness, gain new experience, expand his social circle, and begin to evaluate his sexuality and partner behavior in a new way. Change the view on the ways to achieve orgasm and the time required to obtain it.

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