Premature ejaculation

Premature psychosexual development in men

Premature psychosexual development is the early formation of sexuality, ahead of average age norms and puberty.

The cause of premature psychosexual development may be congenital or occurring in early childhood, damage to the deep structures of the brain, which is manifested by a decrease in the threshold of excitability of nerve structures that provide ejaculation and orgasm. This is a background that helps to consolidate the negative effects of mental and social factors.

Premature psychosexual development can also occur in some mental illnesses – the so-called psychogenic conditioned acceleration of psychosexual development. At the same time, sexual desire is ahead of other manifestations of sexuality. Attraction manifests itself already at the stage of the formation of sexual identity, that is, up to 7 years. At 5-10 years old, the child may already have sexual fantasies. Of course, such early sexual fantasies cannot be adequately realized.

The early awakening of sexuality and its further development, regardless of its cause that caused it, is possible only with constant reinforcement with an orgasm or at least pleasant sensations. And lowering the thresholds of excitability (that is, the ability to respond more easily to arousal) of the nerve structures that provide ejaculation and orgasm allows us to obtain this reinforcement.

If the child’s sexual interest is provoked by something untimely, but is not further supported by orgasm, then it quickly fades away, and normal psychosexual development is possible in the future.

An exception to this rule are some mental illnesses, in particular, the so-called “nuclear” psychopathies and schizophrenia. In these cases, it is possible to fix the child’s interest in the sexual sphere. Even in the period of curiosity associated with sex, the study of the genitals acquires a truly sexual coloring. Sexual activity is accompanied by pleasant sensations or even orgasm.

Prematurely formed libido entails various variants of sexual activity. Most often, sexuality in patients with mental illness is expressed in surrogate forms – imitation of sexual intercourse, masturbation – since it is impossible to implement it in other ways in childhood.

If at the same time the child has communication difficulties due to mental disorders, this can lead to a delay in the formation of libido at one of the stages. Despite the early appearance of sexual interest, sexual desire does not reach maturity and its development can stop at an erotic level. The realization of sexual desire in a normal way can become almost impossible.

At this age, emotional reactions prevail over the rational. Therefore, the implementation of these trends occurs without deliberation and delays. Possible sexual deviations (deviations) and a distorted orientation of sexual desire, which can lead to sexual perversions. A stereotype can form, which is firmly fused with the core of the personality, persists throughout life, and practically does not respond to treatment.

The leading Russian sexologists refer to the sociogenic causes of premature psychosexual development as the awakening and formation of sexuality due to even a single, but most often methodical and prolonged child molestation and seduction of a child by an adolescent and an adult.

Children are most often seduced by those who cannot realize their sexual attraction in normal ways. Sexual perversion, when the attraction is aimed at children, is called pedophilia, it is described in the appropriate section.

Most often boys are seduced or molested by male or male adolescents. In these cases, the seducer suffers not only from pedophilia, but also from homosexuality, and instills in the child his homosexual inclinations.

Teenagers force a boy to have sex through threats, intimidation, and sometimes through physical violence.

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