Sexual life of a man

What are the consequences of psychosexual development in men?

Sexual dysfunctions due to disorders of psychosexual development can be diverse. Some of the sexual disorders are already reflected in the respective chapters and in clinical examples.

The most common consequence of a violation of psychosexual development is a weak sexual desire. Since libido does not develop to its final, sexual stage, but stops at one of the previous ones – platonic or erotic – such men do not experience sexual desire, or it is significantly reduced in them.

Communicating with girls, such young men can fall in love, look after them, but these courtships are only at a platonic level, without bodily contact. The young man suffers and loves, but does not dare to touch his chosen one.

All his peers at this age boldly put a girl’s hand on his shoulder, can pull her to him, hug and kiss if they want to, and for a young man with a platonic libido to start erotic actions is a whole problem.

If such a young man is lucky and his partner turns out to be friendly and patient, then there is a chance that sooner or later he will overcome the “communication barrier” and gradually and timidly begin to show erotic actions, and eventually catch up on what he missed at the appropriate age.

But if he comes across a broken girl with great sexual experience, for whom “sighs under the moon” is a long gone stage, or she didn’t have one at all, then she can make fun of such a shy admirer. And this will discourage him from caring for girls for a long time. It will take a lot of time until he again decides to court another girl.

But if platonic communication at a young age is still not so scary, as the peers are also at the stage of unformed libido (and in women it is late compared to men), then when a man is already more than 20 years old, and he still “sighs under the moon “And does not dare to kiss her beloved in any way – the majority of modern girls who already have sexual experience at this age will not treat this as indulgently as when they were 17-18 years old.

If the libido of a man was delayed at the erotic stage, then the young man will decide for kisses and hugs, but from kisses to bed – a considerable way. And the young man does not know how to do this and cannot dare to go this way.

The main reason for his difficulties is that he does not have an intense sex drive, like his peers, who are characterized by youthful hyperexuality. When hormones “rebel” in the blood of a hyper-sexual young man, he won’t think for a long time about how to move from hugs to sexual intimacy. Sweeping away all obstacles, he will find an opportunity to realize his attraction.

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