Premature ejaculation


Psychoanalysis gives its explanation of the origin of sexual disorders and premature ejaculation including. Most often, psychoanalysts find the reasons in childhood and the first masturbation experiments, family relationships with parents and first sexual intercourse, subconscious fears and conflicts, fear of women, feelings of male inferiority. Experts positively evaluate the effectiveness of the use of psychoanalysis in treating problems of erectile dysfunction and ejaculation, but the author did not find examples of the use of psychoanalysis in the treatment of accelerated ejaculation. However, the use of psychoanalysis in cases with erectile dysfunction is quite enough to apply this method in practice. Since there is an indirect effect on premature ejaculation by increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, accepting a partner with all its features and setting to extend the time of sexual intercourse with her.

Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic (psychoanalytically oriented) psychotherapy today are two forms of treatment based on the theory of Z. Freud. Their main goal is to help a man realize the cause of internal conflicts that may have led to PE. During treatment, he visits a psychoanalyst 1-2 or 3-5 times a week, sometimes from several months to several years. The man lies on the couch (does not see the psychoanalyst sitting behind him) and tries to say everything that comes to his head to trace the movement of thoughts to their early roots. At the same time, dreams and feelings of transference that arise in the process of psychotherapy are not overlooked.

The psychoanalyst supports the man, calms, improves self-esteem, advises and helps in overcoming the sexual problem. Focusing on self-knowledge and the ability to constantly deepen understanding of one’s inner psychic life, the psychotherapist encourages him to achieve the main thing – inhibition of ejaculation.

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