Premature ejaculation


In the treatment of patients with PE most often, specialists are not limited to the use of a single method or method of treatment. The process of learning to control ejaculation or limiting the sensitivity of the glans penis, as well as psychological assistance in interpersonal interaction, is not limited to one recipe.

Therefore, many sexologists know that complex treatment of a delicate problem is most effective.

One of the interesting and logical approaches to the treatment of PE from these positions was suggested by the psychologist-behaviorist Jack Annon. He uses a four-step method. According to the first letters of the name of these stages, his approach got its name – ROIXIT. It is carried out in four stages – from the simplest to the more complex: R – explanation, OI – limited information,X- specific advice and IT – intensive care.

The basis of this method is the belief that in elementary cases of PE for its elimination there is enough sympathy and simple explanations of a psychologist. In more serious cases, specific psychotherapeutic actions will be required, for example, training in braking methods or exercises for focusing sensations without mentioning important psycho-emotional moments. In those serious cases when the patient is surrounded by complex psychological problems and situations that complicate treatment, intensive therapy is used, which includes a number of methods and approaches.

If these psychotherapeutic recommendations did not bring the desired result, then it is time to seek other help from doctors who can successfully solve the male problem, which is characterized by an even higher degree of complication.

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