Premature ejaculation

Surrogate partner

This approach raises a lot of doubts from an ethical point of view. But due to its high efficiency in the correction of inter-sexual relations, causing the presence of PE, it is used and is used quite widely. The essence of the method is that a surrogate partner is used to treat PE. A specially trained woman participating in therapy for a fee promotes the sexual activity of a single man in order to increase his chances of success. The actions of this woman are aimed only at solving the problem with PE, and with delicate, tactful, skillful manipulations, she sometimes reaches the goal better than a permanent partner or wife.

The use of such surrogate partners dates back to the time of W. Masters and W. Johnson, who recommended that such a practice of sex therapy be carried out independently, and not in the presence of a doctor, but periodically inform him of the patient’s success and strictly follow his instructions. In our country, this kind of treatment is carried out by the patient himself, but uncontrolled by the doctor (often without his participation at all). Which slightly reduces the effectiveness of therapy. Meanwhile, with a surrogate partner, a man has no dependence on sympathy or antipathy. There is no need to appear or imagine in her eyes a superman. A man with such a partner is not bound by any obligations other than financial. Moreover, what is important, here the woman is interested in increasing the time of the treatment session much more than the man himself: she is paid for the work.

Therefore, the use of massage parlors that position themselves as erotic, Thai, charmotherapy rooms or other establishments that have trained personnel for correcting PE can have a positive effect.

According to experts, as a form of correction of the psycho-emotional state of a person, this method can be not only recommended by sexologists in the treatment of PE and therapy of somato-neurological and neurotic diseases, but also used in the practice of the work of psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and psychologists for the prevention, recovery and rest of their clients.

This practice can be criticized as a veiled form of prostitution. But much more important is helping those men who cannot find a partner to undergo sex therapy. The main thing in the application of this method is the professionalism of surrogate partners who will provide effective assistance in the treatment of PE, their knowledge of the technique of sex therapy and the presence of a medical sexologist nearby.

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