Month: September 2019

Treating diseases that cause premature ejaculation

Treatment of diseases that caused PE is one of the main methods for prolonging a man’s sexual intercourse and treating PE. Among the diseases most often called: sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, systemic atherosclerosis, thyroid disease, hormonal imbalance, urethritis and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system. Injuries to the brain or spinal cord […]

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In the treatment of patients with PE most often, specialists are not limited to the use of a single method or method of treatment. The process of learning to control ejaculation or limiting the sensitivity of the glans penis, as well as psychological assistance in interpersonal interaction, is not limited to one recipe. Therefore, many […]

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Surrogate partner

This approach raises a lot of doubts from an ethical point of view. But due to its high efficiency in the correction of inter-sexual relations, causing the presence of PE, it is used and is used quite widely. The essence of the method is that a surrogate partner is used to treat PE. A specially […]

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Is it true that music stimulates sexual arousal?

It is known that music stimulates sexual arousal. Rarely, this method will help someone in a specific situation to extend the time of sexual intercourse. Although, you may have to give up your own pleasure. The use of music for medicinal purposes has long been known, although it does not directly affect sexuality, but rather […]

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Psychoanalysis gives its explanation of the origin of sexual disorders and premature ejaculation including. Most often, psychoanalysts find the reasons in childhood and the first masturbation experiments, family relationships with parents and first sexual intercourse, subconscious fears and conflicts, fear of women, feelings of male inferiority. Experts positively evaluate the effectiveness of the use of […]

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Group psychotherapy as a treatment for premature ejaculation

In the treatment of premature ejaculation, some specialists use group psychotherapy. There are more questions about its use than answers. And today in our country, probably, there are no psychiatrists left who are able to carry out such work. But, who knows, maybe over time there will appear those who will successfully use this method […]

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