Individual Methods for Correcting Premature Ejaculation

With premature ejaculation, most men can meet at least once in their life. Naturally, faced with a problem, I want to solve it. But, before asking for help from a sexologist, any man has the right and can try to solve it on her own, without bothering to search for a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, urologist, consultant, sex therapist or anyone else.

And not everyone can find the right amount of money or live far enough from civilization, where there are specialized centers for the provision of such services. On the other hand, maybe it is not necessary for him to seek help from someone? In the beginning, a man should try to take certain measures himself in order to learn how to control premature ejaculation or prolong the time of sexual intercourse. This is especially important for those who know oriental attitudes for sex. For example, for Dao-love teachers, any man who is unable to wait until his partner is completely satisfied every time still has the opportunity for improvement.

Remembering such commandments, almost any healthy man can do something that will correct the situation and prolong the mutual sexual intercourse to the extent that would suit him and his partner. Therefore, many of the representatives of the stronger sex are looking for answers to their questions on the Internet, someone is reading specialized literature or unobtrusively consulting with friends, painstakingly seeking an answer to the question that concerns him: how to extend the time for sexual intercourse.

Each case in each pair contains unique (for this case) psychodynamic variations that must be taken into account by a man suffering from premature ejaculation. He simply must find a means (or several means) that will help him alleviate the sufferings of this kind.

Individual methods of correction: psychological techniques and ways to control premature ejaculation, in the second – the technical and physiological possibilities of inhibiting arousal, ensuring the prolongation of sexual intercourse, in the third section will be listed folk or old Testament techniques. A single thought runs through the red thread in each of them: control in the head and a decrease in the sensitivity of the glans penis are the main factors that ensure success in a paired union.

Studying and putting into practice the means, methods, methods and methods described in the first three sections do not require the participation of a specialist, but involve a certain intense individual work of a man, and often his partner. Collected from clinical experience and consulting practice of sexologists, scientific and popular literature, these tips should help a man in the initial stage of finding a problem in order to harmonize sexual relations.

Perhaps, having read this chapter, someone will have enough information capable of solving their own problem. Someone will learn to prolong sexual intercourse without the participation of a stranger in a white coat. Someone will understand that he is completely healthy and is doing himself as he should have done in his case.

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