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Psychological Techniques and Methods for Premature Ejaculation

1.Distraction method

It’s no secret that erotic fantasies for men are a significant factor in sexual arousal. All mental stimuli: smell, beauty of the body, hair color, voice, caress, – which during sexual intercourse emanate from a partner, promote ejaculation. However, if during sexual intercourse a man begins to think about something abstract, for example, a football match that has not been whitewashed, the car is not signaled, production problems, or simply counts up to 10,000 one way or the other, then all this slows down receipt of annoying factors. Due to this distraction, it is possible to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis to sexual exposure.

The first advice that psychologists give in order to prolong the time before the onset of ejaculation is to recommend a complete sexual blackout due to fantasizing about abstract topics in the process of sexual intercourse. Nothing less, but such a distraction prolongs sexual intercourse for a considerable time, depending on the individual characteristics of the man and his ability to maintain an erection in this situation. Sometimes men, due to their imagination, localize the pressure of the penis so skillfully that they feel the sensation-causing irritation less, and the woman more.

This method of deferred ejaculation is known to many men, but young men entering into sexual activity often miss it from their poor practice. Pulling off their ejaculation, they, of course, lose a certain proportion of positive emotions that must be present during the coitus. Plus, if a woman notices that “a man is far away,” and, even for her sake, he has lost his imagination from his beloved, she will be disappointed even more than from a short but passionate intercourse.

Therefore, this advice is suitable for one-off cases, if necessary, in partnerships with the installation on “mechanical sex”, during sexual therapy. In sex, partners both physically and spiritually seek to dissolve in each other, and such a distraction from the main minutes of love can cause offense, anger or bewilderment. For all that, the skillful use of psychological distraction is the most common method used in partnerships.

2.Braking method

The essence of this method is quite simple: at the moment when a man feels the approach of ejaculation, he simply pulls the penis out of the vagina for a short time. Approximately 10-30 s. Excessive arousal is extinguished, it avoids the danger of ejaculation and the loss of 10 to 30% erection.

After this time, the man can repeat the frictional movement. This process can be performed at the desired or desired frequency. The secret to successfully using the method of inhibition lies in the ability to recognize the approach of the moment when a man can no longer control ejaculation. His task is to pull out the penis a few seconds before the approach of the “stage of inevitable ejaculation” (according to W. Masters and V. Johnson), or the “moment of no return” (according to “Tao-love”).

Having learned to control himself in defining this important moment and having gained experience, a man over the years will need to retreat less and less, and in the end only to return to this practice of controlling ejaculation only occasionally.

This method is also called the “method of locking”, it is often used in the reception of “psychological design”, and by age it is most likely one of the oldest methods. The ancient Chinese used it in practice, and Wu Synh reported it to us in a rather picturesque sequence of steps:

“The method of locking is like trying to stop the Yellow River with your hand. An impatient man will need more than 20 days of practice to study him. A calmer person can study it much faster – usually 10 days is enough. Carefully study this method for about a month, and then the precious man’s treasure (seed, jin) will be completely safe.

The advantage of the locking method is its ease of implementation. For example, if a man performs the stage of three small and one deep pushes, he can close his eyes and mouth and breathe deeply, but calmly through his nose so that he will not suffocate. When he feels that he may soon lose control, he can lift his waist with one quick movement and pull out the jade peak to one inch or more and remain in that position without movement. Then he can take a deep breath of the diaphragm and at the same time draw the lower abdomen as if he was controlling himself during the search for the toilet. Reflecting on the importance of preserving his jin and that he cannot be wasted randomly, he will soon calm down with deep breathing. Then he can try pushes again.

It is important to remember that he must retreat as soon as he gets excited. If he retreats already very excited and tries to take his Jin back, then Jin will not return, but instead enter into his bladder or even into his kidneys. If this happens, it may suffer from some diseases, such as pain in the bladder and small intestine or an increase and pain in the kidneys. In conclusion, the braking method is excellent, but we must practice it as soon as we feel arousal.

It is much better to retreat too soon than too late. While practicing this method, a man will be able to control his ejaculation even comfortably, because he will not allow his jade pike to even fall. So he will save energy and will feel remarkably collected. And he should not spew his dick until he makes 5 thousand pushes. Combining the method of inhibition with deep diaphragmatic breathing, he will be able to continue almost indefinitely. Then it will not be too difficult for him to satisfy 10 women per night. ”

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