Human sexuality

Different periods of arousal with premature ejaculation

Most researchers of sexuality agree that men and women have different periods of arousal and different times of culmination and many sexual partners today associated with the synchronization of these periods.

You can use it as is customary in various tantrist techniques. For example, a man may in the “plateau” phase, right before an orgasm:

1) mentally “turn off”;

2) besides this, one should eliminate frictions (slowing down “inaction”) or slow down the pace;

3) relax the buttocks – those who are most comfortable, and thereby reduce the level of sexual tension (the method used, the frequently used method of Inhibition, described a little higher).

A man removes ejaculation. It would be just within a certain period of time, actually equal to or even longer than the time elapsed from the beginning of sexual intercourse until the moment of shutdown.

Depending on the reaction, he repeats the procedure many times during the relationship. As a result, the habit for men is 1-2 or 3-4 minutes. As a result, he must gain the time needed to put off the climax to detente. Sometimes a man is satisfied that she has an orgasm at the same time as her or with her later.

The ancient Taoists paid great attention to the design of sexual intercourse, providing control over ejaculation. One of the options for extending sexual intercourse in this way for a novice man is described by Wu Son in his famous recommendations:

1) I advise the beginner not to get too excited or be overly passionate;

2) a novice should start with a woman who is not very attractive and whose jade gates (external genitals) are not too tight. With such a woman it is easier for him to learn to control himself. If she is not too attractive, he will not lose his head, and if her jade gate is not too tight, he will not get excited excessively;

3) the beginner must learn to enter gently and exit with force;

4) he must first try the method of three small and one deep jolts and conduct 81 jolts in one run;

5) if he feels that he is slightly excited, he should immediately interrupt the jogging movements and pull out his jade stem to a level where only about 1 inch or less remains inside the jade gate (braking method). He must wait until he calms down, and then renew the pushes by the same method of three shallow and one deep;

6) then he must try the method of five shallow and one deep;

7) finally, he should try the method of nine small and one deep;

8) learning to control ejaculation, he should avoid impatience.

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