Month: January 2020

Tips for men and women on the science of love

A man should take into account that the main organ of pleasure in most women is the clitoris. If normal sexual intercourse is practiced, in which there is no contact with the woman’s clitoris, then most likely she will not be satisfied if her orgasm is clitoris. The French doctor of the sixteenth century, O. […]

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Tips for Men: Second Part of the Prelude

After creating an emotional mood, the spouse can move on to the second part of the overture. If the husband had the patience to caress his wife with his eyes and words all evening, influencing her important erogenous zone – the hearing – then in bed he should not be impatient. Eagerness can only destroy […]

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Tips for men how to save your woman

It would be nice for married men to know that it’s much easier and more effective to find an approach to your wife if you want to save your marriage than to have a lover. Although the effect of novelty is important for exacerbating a man’s sensuality, and a new partner can cause intense attraction, […]

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Erotic foreplay and erotic caresses

Although the art of love is the oldest of the arts, modern people do not pay enough attention to it. Even in Hellas there were manuals on sexual techniques and Temples of love, where priests and priestesses taught their wards erotic caresses. “Peach branches” and other ancient Indian treatises, books of ancient Chinese philosophers of […]

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Erogenous zones of man and woman

According to many sexologists, in the erogenous zones, in addition to the usual nerve endings, there are specific receptors of sexual sensitivity (genital bodies) that respond to touch. The most excitable erogenous zone in men is the glans penis. All nerve endings that give pleasant sensations and support an erection are located precisely in the […]

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